Why NUST Entry Test is Difficult?

Let’s shed some light on why people consider NUST entry test to be difficult and uncover this myth for you.

  • The test encompasses the whole of what you have studied up till now. There is no choice like you had in Fsc.
  • It is of Three hours duration which means you have to keep your full concentration for three whole hours. (Fsc paper is also of three hours and most of it involves recalling what you learned earlier but here it involves real thinking.)
  • The test requires you to recall matter from all three subjects whereas previously you had been taking exam of one subject at a time in Fsc. In simple words it asks us to think over a much larger area.
  • After two hours or so your brain gets exhausted and it creates a very bad temptation of recklessly shading the choices i.e tukka laga do since it is much easier then thinking.

The vast examination hall in Karachi where the Nust Entry test is conducted.

The vast examination hall in Karachi where the Nust Entry test is conducted.

Well, there were certain things that were taught to me by numerous sources . I must admit I would not be able to learn them by conventional sources. Most notorious of them was guessing the wrong answers out. I also learned the subtle technique of taking hints from other questions.

Last but not the least I learned ‘how to gamble. If I am in NUST today,due to this practice for past 2 years and with tremendous results.

First attempt those questions you are 100% sure about. Roughly make an estimate how many of these you have attempted. based on the assumption of 1/4 negative marking (if there is negative marking, it used to be in our times), calculate the maximum points you can salvage, lets say you decided to salvage 4 points and for 1/4 negative marking you get  4×4 = 20 questions. Now for these 20 questions, solve those, about which you are 90% 0r 80% sure.

Now, if I am asked to sum it all:

  1. It is good to join an academy, but at your own risk.
  2. You need peace of mind for preparation.
  3. You should have a clear aim where you are heading and prepare accordingly.
  4. There are other shrewd techniques, you need to learn before you appear for the test (For that you may join academy).

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