Ufone 3G Internet Packages 2020 Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Subscription Codes Price Tarif

Ufone 3g Internet Packages 2020 Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Ufone 3G Internet bundles 2020 Monthly Weekly Daily Code Activation, Deactivation 3G web innovation is most recent new innovation for all Pakistani Mobile Users. Because of 3G web Smartphone advertise esteem is high since 2014. Distinctive Telecom organizations are taking a shot at 3G portable web bundles. Ufone Warid Jazz Telenor and Zong Telecom organizations are working in Pakistan.

All organizations are attempting to give clients agreeable web bundles with low rate. Ufone Pakistan best telecom association for call, Messages and web administrations. Ufone 3G web Packages offers every day, Weekly, Monthly and boundless web groups Packages for Ufone Internet portable clients. Ufone 3G web bundles 2020 enactment and deactivation or Ufone web portable setting method is simple for all cell phone clients.

Ufone 3G web bundles offers and levy 2020 enactment strategy is simple because of initiation code. Cell phone portable clients can undoubtedly dynamic Ufone 3G day by day, week after week and month to month web bundles by their web package utilizing request.

Ufone’s focus has always been you and your convenience, and we have consistently launched top-of-the-line offers, products and services to make life easy and convenient for you. Furthermore, we have always made it a point to keep you updated with the most cutting-edge technology on offer alongside our unique and innovative services.

In these constantly changing and fast-paced times, Ufone is making life easier for you by offering different and highly competitive 3G Mobile Internet Buckets, all in one place, and tailored to suit your needs. All you need to do is simply dial *3# from your 2G/3G enabled handset and choose your desired Mobile Internet Buckets at the best and most affordable rates ever!

So choose the desired Mobile Internet Buckets that’s right for U and find out just what we mean when we say it’s all about U!3G Internet, Telenor 3G

Ufone 3G Internet Packages 2020 Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Subscription Codes Price Tariff

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Bucket Name Price Volume (MB) Timing Subscription Code UNSUB Code
Daily light bucket Daily 10 40 24 hours *804# UNSUB to 8804
Daily heavy bucket 15 75 24 hours *8042# *4804#
Special daily bucket 05 50 01 AM- 09 PM *810# UNSUB to 7810
Mega Internet bucket 99 1,024 1 AM – 6 AM *550# *5501#
3 Day Bucket 3 – Day Bucket 25 100 24 hours *3350# N/A
Weekly Light bucket Weekly 50 250 24 hours *7811# N/A
Weekly heavy bucket 125 500 24 hours *7815# N/A
Monthly 1GB Bucket Monthly 250 1,024 24 hours *7807# N/A
Monthly 3GB Bucket 500 3,096 24 hours *803# N/A
Monthly 10GB Bucket 1,000 10,240 24 hours *5100# N/A

Social Data Buckets

Bucket Name Value Validity Price Timing Subscription Code UNSUB Code
Social Daily Bucket Free usage on Facebook, WhatsApp &Twitter. Daily 05 01 Day *4242# UNSUB to 5444
Social Monthly Bucket Free usage on Facebook, WhatsApp &Twitter. Monthly 50 30 Days *5858# N/A

Dial *3# to choose the package of your choice!

Note: Please note that in case customer is using Mega Internet Bucket and Super/Mini Super Card simultaneously then usage against freebies will be charged from Super/Mini Super Card volume.

Default Tariff – Prepaid

  • Default tariff will be Rs.20 for the first MB and the user will get next 19 MBs free, then will get charged for the 21st MB and will get the next 19 MBs free and so on.
  • Volume accumulator will reset at 00:00 hrs every day as it happens in current scenario.

Terms & Conditions:

  • All buckets are valid for prepaid customers only
  • Buckets can be subscribed by dialing *3#
  • Dial *706# to check the remaining balance of Prepaid 3G buckets. However, dial *707# to check the remaining balance of Social Data Buckets. Standard charges apply.
  • Voice calling on Whatsapp will be charged according to default rate and volume used on WhatsApp voice calls will not be deducted from the bucket volume.
  • After the consumption of bucket volume, charging will be done according to the default tariff.
  • All daily Mobile Internet Buckets are recursive, buckets can be unsubscribed by dialing respective un-subscription codes.
  • Multiple subscriptions of the same bucket is not allowed.
  • Buckets subscribers will get maximum available speed. Actual Internet speed will depend on multiple factors such as location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers etc.
  • All prices are inclusive of taxes.
  • FUP of 100MB applies on Social daily bucket
  • FUP of 1GB applies on Social monthly bucket
  • Weekly 3G Bucket is allowed for multiple subscription.

2 Responses to “Ufone 3G Internet Packages 2020 Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Subscription Codes Price Tarif”

  1. khurram jadoon

    Feb 24. 2017

    Hourly internet pkg of 1 rupee must be reintroduced….

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  2. Tahir Ali Khan

    Jan 03. 2017

    Ufone 3G is the worst network for mobile internet. They offer 1GB data for Rs 99 while Zong provide the same 1GB data for just 6 rupees.
    Ufone used to be the leader but is now trailing behind giants like Zong and Telenor in terms of mobile internet connectivity.

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