Turkey Graduate & Postgraduate Scholarships for Pakistani Student Eligible Criteria

There are many talented student in Pakistan cannot continue their education due to the financial problem. Some of them try to get merit but other some need base scholarship which is a recommended option for all deserving and meritorious students. Now Turkey is offering graduate and postgraduate scholarships for students of Pakistan to get education in Turkish universities and expected that these student s can become an important bond for the promotion of more good relation with Pakistan.

Turkey Graduate & Postgraduate Scholarships for Pakistani Student announced for four to two years programms. Almost 5,000 scholarships are being offered under a strategy that is made for Asia Pacific countries by presidency for Turks abroad and related communities. President of YTB Prof Kudret Bulbul said on Tuesday all the expenditures including tickets, tuition fee as well as boarding are paid by the Turkish government.

At least 6,500 Pakistani candidates have applied for Turkish scholarships adding that large number of Pakistani students had been moving for Western universities. The candidates applying for graduate and postgraduate and also Phd scholarships should not be residents of Turkey and they will have to return to their homeland on completion of their degree.

Turkey Graduate & Postgraduate Scholarships for Pakistani Student

These highly competitive scholarships as this year 100,000 aspirants from almost 180 countries applied to get education in different subjects such as medical engineering and other social sciences. When they will go back to their homelands, they will be a string bond and representatives for Turkey for building relations along with their respective countries in Asia and Pacific zone.

YTB is paying its full attention on authorization of affairs related to historical and cultural relations and to develop the economic and political relations by connecting people. Turkey is ready to work along with the universities in concerned countries and education departments for supporting their projects while these scholarships are just one part of this strategy.

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