Top Steps for Job Hunting in the Digital World

Top Steps for Job Hunting in the Digital World for fresh Graduate, Bachelor, Master class students and experienced with out experience candidates.

Digital skills are increasingly a priority for recruiters, as they seek to ensure their employees are ready to stay up to date with fast-changing technologies. Displaying high levels of digital literacy while job hunting can demonstrate right from the start that you are a top candidate, as well as optimizing your chances of finding the right role.Top Steps for Job Hunting in the Digital World

Top Steps for Job Hunting in the Digital World

Whether you are applying for your first graduate job or looking to start a new career, here are some helpful ways to use digital tools in your job hunt:

1. Optimize your digital persona

Many hiring supervisors research job candidates, and they may base their decisions on what they find on social media accounts. According to one recent US survey, over 50% of employers use social media to screen potential job candidates. Using social media to find out more about applicants has become the new norm, as companies look for employees that not only exemplify their company’s image while on the clock, but online as well. So invest in making sure your online profiles are up to date and professional.

2. Connect with companies online

In the modern digital world, companies increasingly communicate with their audiences on social media. From major corporations to start-ups, organizations are on various social media sites engaging with target audiences. This provides a chance for job seekers to interact directly with the company they are hoping to work for. Using social media and other tools to do additional research can also help applicants learn more about the philosophies of an organization and make sure they’re a good fit.

3. Take your resume up a level

Creating a personalized and outstanding resume is necessary to stand out in today’s highly competitive job hunting scene. It is not enough just to have a list of qualifications on your resume, such as work experience or even prestigious postgraduate degrees. Resumes need to be aesthetically pleasing and easily accessed digitally. If you have access and are knowledgeable in editing software such as Photoshop, display your skills by creating a unique and eye-catching resume – or add extra flair by creating a video resume.

4. Refine your interview skills

In the modern digital world we live in, you can access all kinds of online tips and advice to help you nail that all-important interview. Practice interviewing, and record yourself on a laptop or other device so that you can watch it later and see where you can improve. This is also good practice if you’re asked to do a video interview (for example, if applying for jobs abroad).

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