Top Mistakes Matric, Intermediate Students Make and Their Solutions

Top Mistakes Matric, Intermediate students make and their solutions for all regular and private students get your science arts subjects preparation guide for FA, FSc, ICS exams here at from. We make a lot of mistakes in our life, but the worst mistakes as per my view If you’re a matric student and reading the article, you might consider yourself a lucky one, but if you’re an intermediate student, you would say, “I wish I knew” Why does it seem a hard pill to swallow for the students to get through F.Sc with higher marks in Pakistan.

When you were at Matric level you thought it’s the toughest job to handle  but when you reach a the F.Sc level after two years then you realize Matric was the easiest job in the world to tackle.

Top Mistakes Matric, Intermediate StudentsTop Mistakes Matric, Intermediate Students Make and Their Solutions

Here is the list of the Mistakes and the Solutions:

Don’t Take Matriculation, Inter Study Easy


If you think that F.Sc is as easy as Matric, then you’re creative activity a huge mistake of your life.


Accept it as a challenge and prove the world your challenge until it is done. Let me prove! The books of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology at Matric level don’t hold much water because these books contain only maximum 150-170 pages. If you think you can get 80% marks in the same way as you did in Matric then it is not going to happen. But it is not the case with F.Sc as Biology, Chemistry and Physics contain 323, 370 and 253 pages respectively.

Start Studying in June


F.Sc stutends don’t start studying in June as they wait for opening the college in August or September. it becomes difficult for them to cover the syllabus and complete it on time.


There are many ways to start studying in this month. The best time is June when your Matric exam comes to an end. These academies start their classes in the same month June  and cover all the syllabus in December. the Test Session starts in January where tests are taken continuously until the exam starts.



A student will waste a lot of time If he doesn’t know how a topic is memorized effectively.


  • Doesn’t it take more time?
  •  Doesn’t it waste a lot of time?
  • how much time does it take to memorize a single page?

 No, It doesn’t. If you know how it is done. It depends on the topic how much I have a strong concept about it. The more the concept, the lesser the time it takes.

Weekends Revision

On weekends, you will take a test of yourself at-least of one subject either of 3 hours or an hour in order to practice, but the test representation should be the same as I’ve discussed in the article. that learn new topics from Monday to Friday, and do revise on Saturday and Sunday – the topics that you’ve memorialized.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You have to study smarter, not harder. It’s not really important, you have to study 18 hours a day. If you focus on only one task, then all of your concentration will do a miracle in memorizing the topic. one student studies for 8 hours and the other one studies for 4 hours.

The student who studies for 8 hours  he checks his inbox after 20 minutes, he is thinking of watching the TV show  and the sound of music is coming from the other room  he will not able to concentrate on studying.

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