Top English Learning Speaking Fluently Spoken English Tips in Urdu

There are many people in the world they want to learn English because English is necessary in all field. English has become the one and only international language of the world. If you want to make a rapid progress in any field of life in modern times, then you will have to learn the English language, as all latest researches about science, medical, engineering, humanities fields are available only in this international language. Top English learning speaking fluently tips in Urdu free online free easy spoken English course in Urdu.

Learning English is not a tough task for those who have interest in this language. You just need to understand the basic rules for learning English. Today we are going to share to ten English learning tips with you. We have taken these English learning tips in Urdu language from daily Dunya Lahore and Mr Abdul Sattar Hashmi is the author of this article.

English Learning Speaking Fluently Spoken Tips GuideEnglish Learning Speaking Fluently Spoken English Tips:

These English learning tips will help you a lot in learning this international language. Here are top ten English learning Tips in English language mention.

  • You must have believe in yourself that you can learn English language.
  • Practice is to success in learning any any language. I know many MA English students who can not write even a simple article due to lack of practice, on the other hand i have four bachelor degrees i.e LLB, BSc (Homeopathy), LLB, BA) and i have written more than 2000 articles for different websites, so remember that practice and just practice can make you perfect.
  • Your emphasis should be on listening and speaking rather than on writing or reading. A child learns the most difficult language of the world i.e Chinese in just 4 to 5 years just by listening and speaking. Majority of our student emphasis on reading and writing skills. Its not a natural way for learning a languages.
  • Change your TV watching and reading habits. Just read English books and watch English TV channels and movie at least for 2 years.
  • In your daily conservation speak English with your close friends and relatives.
  • Make a dairy for writing new words which you learn daily. Use these words in your conservation and writing.
  • Hesitation is the key obstacle in learning languages. You must not care that what people will think while seeing you speaking
    wrong language. Take your mistakes as your teachers. Mistakes are our friends and they teach us many lessons. Try to learn from your mistakes.
  • Write letters to editors and send your articles to different websites. Just few published articles will boost your confidence.
  • MA (English) language is much better option for you than MA literature. Try to attempt your papers in English only right from
  • After improving your listening and speaking skills you should emphasize on grammar and vocabulary.

Ten English Learning Tips in Urdu:Top English Learning Speaking Fluently Spoken English Tips in Urdu

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    This truely a interesting concept of “speaking fluently english tips in urdu”. English is now become a global and mutual language for all. We can not even improve individual but also can grow us in terms of communication and development.

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