Re-Verify Your NADRA CNIC and Family Tree through SMS

Re-Verify Your NADRA CNIC and Family Tree through SMS. NADRA has formally launched the SMS service for family members verification in Pakistan. This service allows any registered CNIC holder to check who else is registered under the same family tree.

If there is any person who isn’t a family member and registered as a part of your family, you can report it to NADRA, so that the authority can take appropriate action against such individuals.

NADRA has started sending SMS messages to the family heads regarding the procedure, however you can still check the status even if you aren’t the head of family.Re-Verify Your NADRA CNIC and Family Tree through SMS

Re-Verify Your NADRA CNIC and Family Tree through SMS

How to Verify NADRA CNIC through SMS?

  • Send your CNIC number (with or without dashes) to 8008
  • In return you will get the names of all registered persons in your family.
  • If you’re satisfied with the list, reply the message with 2, but if there is any person registered as your family member you don’t know ─ notify the authority by replying with 1.

Family heads, or even if you are not head of a family, can send their NADRA CNIC number to 8008, and in response they will get the names of people with-in their family tree.

How to Identify Illegal NADRA CNIC Holders?

Just in case if you don’t know, NADRA maintains the list of members in each family. There’s no way of getting a card, unless its registered in one of the family trees that are already registered with NADRA.

Illegal NADRA CNIC card holders are inducted in family trees, to look legit. However, with this 8008 service you can identify any unknown names/persons who are appearing in your family tree.

All such unknown names or persons should be reported to NADRA immediately.

There is one major drawback of this service is that anyone who knows your CNIC number can get a complete list of your family members and their names.

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Please note

We are receiving reports that SMS aren’t currently going through Telenor. We are anticipating that service will be available on all networks pretty soon.

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