Punjab University Admissions 2020 Programs Criteria Rules & Regulations Fee Structure Entry Test Notes

Punjab University Admissions 2020 Programs Criteria Rules & Regulations Fee Structure Entry Test Notes Conversion of Grades Marks Fee for Foreign Students Tuition Fee Reserved Seats complete info about eligibility criteria.

University of the Punjab makes admissions to different programs duly approved by the pertinent organs adopting a prescribed procedure in the university calendar. A new program is initiated by the heads of the relevant departments and is duly approved by the Faculty Deans, the Punjab University Admissions Committee, the Academic Council and the Syndicate. Most of the programs of the University of Punjab were approved by the Academic Council at its meeting on 24 April 1983 and the Union at its meeting on 1983.

Subsequently, new programs were added by adopting the prescribed procedure. At present, Punjab University is offering admission to the following program in the teaching of the Departments Centers Institutes Constituent Schools and affiliates under the rules.

Without prejudice to the rules contained in any of the University Regulations, admission for each academic year in the University Departments Centers Institutes Constituent Affiliated Schools shall be carried out in accordance with these Regulations.

BS / B.Sc (Engg.) / BBIT / Pharm-D / B.Com / BBA / BFA / LLB (5 years) / B.Arch. / MA/ M.Sc/ MPA/ MBA.M.Com / MB ECON / MIM / MIOM MBSM / LLB (3 years) / Certificate / Diploma / Graduate Diploma / MBIT / MFA / M.Sc (Engg.) / LLM / MS / M.Phil / 1 ½ years MBA & M.Com / MD / Ph.D.

The / BA / B.Sc / BS degree of other Pakistani Universities where the subject of English is not compulsory will not be considered as equivalent to the respective degrees of the University of the Punjab and students holding such degrees shall not be admitted in MA/ M.Sc and /or LLM/ MS/ M. Phil/ Ph.D.

The candidates holding B.A/B.Sc (14-Years of Education) or equivalent qualification with at least 2 nd division and age not more than 26 years are eligible for admission in MA/M.Sc or equivalent/MPA/ MBA/ M.Com/MB Econ/MIM/MIOM/MBSM/LLB (3-Years). The age limit of candidates applying for Masters Program in College of Art & Design should not be more than 28 years. The candidate holding 3 rd division is not eligible for admission in MA/MSc.or equivalent program. 2 marks will be deducted from percent academic marks for each late session to a maximum of previous 5 sessions/years for male and female students.HEC,PEEF,Punajb University

Punjab University Admissions 2020 Programs Criteria Rules & Regulations Fee Structure Entry Test Notes

They have to furnish an affidavit to the effect that he/she did not get admission in any Institution in the period intervening between the year of passing the Exam. and year of application for admission.With notification No. S.O(C.A)1-28/2015 dated 20 th July, 2016. 50% seats are reserved for graduates from Punjab University and rest 50% shall be filled on open merit basis.

The entry test is optional to Departments/Centers/Institutes/Colleges for BS Program as well as for MA/M. Sc or equivalent Programs after Intermediate/ BA/B. Sc or equivalent respectively. However, entry test and interview for LLM/ M. Sc (Engg)/MS/M. Phil/ MBIT/ MFA /M.Arch./ 1½ years MBA/M.Com /Ph. D admissions shall be mandatory for all Departments/ Centers/ Institutes/ Colleges. All the candidates for admission in BS/B.Sc (Engg.)/ BBIT/ Pharm-D / B.Com / BBA/ BFA/ LLB (5years) /B.Arch/ or equivalent and MA /M.Sc/ MPA/ MBA/M.Com /MB Econ/ MIM/ MIOM / MBSM/ LLB (3 years)/ LLM/ M.Sc (Engg.)/ MS/ M.Phil /MBIT/MFA/M.Arch./ 1½ years MBA/ M.Com or equivalent /Ph.D programs shall qualify the Entry Test (If the Departments/Centers/Institutes/Colleges has opted for the test or it is mandatory) to become eligible for the admission.

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Clearance of Pre-admission Entry Test is mandatory for the admission against merit as well as reserved seats if it having candidates by any department. However, foreign students are exempted from this entry test.
i. Academic Record : 70%
ii. Entry Test : 30%

In case of admission to college of Arts and design the Entry Test and Academic Qualifications weightage shall be as under:-
i. Academic Record : 50%
ii. Entry Test & Interview : 50%
b) Eligibility for MS / M.Phil or Equivalent / Ph.D

The applicant must have s ixteen year education (BS / MA / M.Sc or equivalent) as per HEC criteria for admission in MS / M.Phil / M.Sc. (Engg /Hons)/ LLM / MBIT / MFA / M.Arch /1½ Years MBA / M.Com or equivalent.

For Ph.D. admission, eighteen year education LLM / M.Sc (Engg / Hons) / MS / M.Phil / MBIT / MFA / M.Arch / 1½ years MBA/ M.Com. with 3.0/4.0 CGPA/OPM 70% /1st division as per HEC rules. The candidate will have to pass GRE based test, conducted by the approved committee of the concerned department with 50% marks for M.Phil and 70% for Ph.D. Hostel facility will not be given to the students admitted in BS/M.A./M.Sc or equivalent Self-Supporting Replica Afternoon Evening programs.

  • A uniform policy to determine the merit will be observed in all the Departments, as laid down in the Admission Regulations.
  • Only those candidates who have Degrees/Certificates duly recognized by University of the Punjab will be eligible to apply.
  • Students from other universities will obtain Equivalence Certificate from Punjab University before admission.
  • Criteria for admission of Foreign Students is prescribed in Reserved Seats Section.
  • Quota of reserved seats for the following categories is prescribed in Reserved Seats Section.
  1. Foreign students
  2. Children of Martyrs of Army/War Disabled, serving and retired army Personnel of the Defense Forces
  3. Azad Kashmir
  4. Northern Areas
  5. Children of Refugees from IHK
  6. Baluchistan
  7. Sindh
  8. Blind / Disabled persons
  9. Outstanding Sports persons
  10. Students having distinction in Co-curricular activities
  11. Son / Daughter of Overseas Pakistani
  12. Children/Spouses/real brother or sister/nephew and nieces of the P.U. Teachers
  13. Children/Spouses/real brother or sister/nephew and nieces of the P.U. Employees

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