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Punjab Police CTD Corporals NTS Test MCQs online preparation guide through latest questions, answers and papers. Counter Terrorism Department, CTD Corporals In Punjab Police NTS Written Test Sample Paper, MCQs Online Counter Terrorism Department Punjab police Corporals jobs written test date is issued by NTS. Corporals CTD posts are offering through NTS national testing service department.

According to NTS organization testing service rules and regulation A to Z requirements duties responsible body is National testing service Organization. CTD Counter Terrorism Department Punjab Police posts written test for selection will conduct by NTS National testing service organization. CTD Corporals vacancies NTS written test paper is based on MCQs type question with 100 marks.

NTS written test for Punjab Police and CTD jobs base on different subjects included Urdu, English, Math, General science, Every day science, Islamic Studies and General knowledge, Current Affairs, Issues.

Department name:

CTD Counter Terrorism Department, Punjab Police

GAT, Educators,NAT, NTS, CTDPunjab Police CTD Corporals NTS Test MCQs Online Preparation

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Selection criteria under CTD rules and regulation:

CTD Corporals Punjab Police jobs are offering through National testing service organization. According to officials CTD advertisement details, NTS written test for CTD jobs and NTS interview two are selection stage for applicants. NTS Written test MCQS paper will draw interview short list details.

How to Download Sample Paper?

Here we are sharing MCQs question through different subjects for CTD Corporals In Punjab Police NTS government jobs. Applicants Every day science, General knowledge, Math and Urdu subjects are very important. Through this page CTD Corporals In Punjab Police NTS Written Test Sample Paper, MCQs Online can easily download for exam preparation.

MCQs Test Online for CTD Punjab Police Jobs

Sample Papers MCQs Online

CTD, Punjab Police, Corporals


Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate option, from the given lettered choices (A to D/E) below each.

  1. 1.    _______ is a tiny sea animal that looks like a shrimp.
  1. A.       It is the krill
  2. B.       There is the krill
  3. C.        The krill
  4. D.       That the krill
  1. 2.    Ahmed is trying to bring _______ a change in his habits.
  1. A.       down
  2. B.       up
  3. C.        about
  4. D.       in
  5. E.        on

Four/five lettered pairs (A to D/E) follow a related pair of words given in capitals. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair in capitals.

  1. 3.    NEBULOUS: FORM:
  1. A.       insincere: misanthrope
  2. B.       benevolent: excellence
  3. C.        insipid: taste
  4. D.       discerning: hope
  5. E.        composed: innocence
  1. 4.    AGENDA: MEETING:
  1. A.       program: function
  2. B.       performance: ticket
  3. C.        map: scale
  4. D.       footnote: article

Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.

  1. 5.    CAPABILITY:
  1. A.       aptitude
  2. B.       power
  3. C.        wit
  4. D.       incompetence
  1. 6.    SAME:
  1. A.       conform
  2. B.       sketchy
  3. C.        different
  4. D.       ambiguous

Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized ones.

  1. 7.    IMPROVEMENT:
  1. A.       development
  2. B.       appeal
  3. C.        clue
  4. D.       investigation
  1. 8.    COMPETITION:
  1. A.       disturb
  2. B.       contest
  3. C.        distrust
  4. D.       contain

Questions 9-13 are based on the following passage.

One of the hazards of swimming in the ocean is an unexpected encounter with a jellyfish. Contact with the poison in a jellyfish’s tentacles can result in sharp, lingering pain or even death if the person stung is highly allergic. While everyone, including the jellyfish, would like to avoid these encounters, they are not uncommon.

This is hardly surprising considering that jellyfish live in every ocean in the world and have done so for more than 650 million years. The animals are likely so widespread because of their extreme adaptability-they are quite hardy and can withstand a wide range of temperatures and conditions in their environment.

  1. 9.    The author uses the phrase “including the jellyfish” in order to:
  1. A.       introduce a small note of humor to an otherwise serious discussion
  2. B.       encourage the reader’s sympathy for the jellyfish
  3. C.        ridicule humans’ fear of jellyfish
  4. D.       emphasize the danger that jellyfish pose for swimmers

10. According to the passage, encounters between humans and jellyfish in the ocean are relatively common because jellyfish:

  1. A.       are more than 650 million years old
  2. B.       live in all the world’s oceans
  3. C.        are extremely robust
  4. D.       have poisonous tentacles

11. The word “their” refers to the:

  1. A.       swimmers
  2. B.       marine animals
  3. C.        jelly fish
  4. D.       allergic persons

12. According to the passage all of the following are true except:

  1. A.       a highly allergic person can die as a result of contact with the poison in a jellyfish’s tentacles
  2. B.       the encounters with the jellyfish are uncommon
  3. C.        jellyfish live in every ocean in the world
  4. D.       jellyfish are more than 650 million years old

13. Which of the following topics is NOT addressed by the passage?

  1. A.       types of jellyfish
  2. B.       adaptability of jellyfish
  3. C.        effect of poison of jellyfish
  4. D.       place of living of jellyfish


Questions 14-17

An editor must choose five articles to be published in the upcoming issue of an arts review. The only articles available for publication are theater articles F, G, H and J, and dance articles K, L, M and O.

  • At least three of the five published articles must be dance articles.
  • If J is chosen, then M cannot be.
  • If F is chosen, then J must also be chosen.

14. If M is not chosen for the issue, which of the following must be chosen?

  1. A.       F
  2. B.       G
  3. C.        H
  4. D.       J
  5. E.        K

15. How many acceptable groupings of articles include J?

  1. A.       One
  2. B.       Two
  3. C.        Three
  4. D.       Four
  5. E.        Five

16. The choice of which article makes only one group of articles acceptable?

  1. A.       F
  2. B.       G
  3. C.        J
  4. D.       L
  5. E.        M

17. If G is chosen for the issue, which of the fol­lowing must be true?

  1. A.       J is not chosen
  2. B.       Exactly three dance articles are chosen
  3. C.        H is not chosen
  4. D.       All four of the dance articles are chosen
  5. E.        F is not chosen

Travelers may enter and remain in the Republic for up to 59 days. If a traveler is to stay for more than seven days, however, a spe­cial visa is required.

18. If the statements above are true, which of the following must also be true?

  1. A.       A traveler who is staying in the Republic for 14 days must have a special visa
  2. B.       Many travelers who stay in the Republic do not need visas
  3. C.        Some travelers who stay in the Republic for more than seven days do not have the appropriate visas
  4. D.       Travelers who stay less than seven days in the Republic do not need visas
  5. E.        Travelers who merely pass through the Republic while this route to other destinations do not need visas


19. All data is stored in computer memory in the form of:

  1. A.       Alphabets
  2. B.       Character
  3. C.        0 and 1
  4. D.       2 and 4

20. Operating system is _______ software.

  1. A.       Application
  2. B.       System
  3. C.        Firmware
  4. D.       Package

21. What is a File?

  1. A.       A file is the collection of records
  2. B.       A file is collection of database
  3. C.        A file is collection of columns
  4. D.       A file is collection of soft wares

22. HTML is:

  1. A.       High level language
  2. B.       Tag based language
  3. C.        A Technology
  4. D.       An operating system

23. Fiber Optic is an example of:

  1. A.       Wireless Media
  2. B.       Cabling Media
  3. C.        Both A and B
  4. D.       None of the above


24. The number missing in the series 2, 6, 12, 20, ?, 42, 56, 72 is:

  1. A.       24
  2. B.       30
  3. C.        36
  4. D.       38
  5. E.        40

25. Luqman is 67 years old. His son Rameez is 29 years old. In how many years will Rameez be exactly half his father’s age?

  1. A.       2
  2. B.       5
  3. C.        7
  4. D.       9
  5. E.        12

26. Picture is to Frame as:

  1. A.       Book is to Cover
  2. B.       Radio is to Recording
  3. C.        Cup is to Saucer
  4. D.       Table is to Floor


27. The nucleus of an atom consists of:

  1. A.       Protons only
  2. B.       Electrons only
  3. C.        Neutrons only
  4. D.       Protons and neutrons
  5. E.        Electrons and protons

28. Normal boiling point of pure water is:

  1. A.       32°C
  2. B.       72°C
  3. C.        80°C
  4. D.       100°C

29. Cross-pollination is carried out by:

  1. A.       Insects
  2. B.       Water
  3. C.        Wind
  4. D.       All of the above


30. Chief Minister of KPK, Pervaiz Khatak, elected on 31 May 2013, belongs to which Political Party?

  1. A.       Pakistan People’s Party
  2. B.       Pakistan Muslim League (N)
  3. C.        Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
  4. D.       Pakistan Muslim League (Q)

31. Who is the present Chief Justice of Pakistan?

  1. A.    Irshad Hasan Khan
  2. B.    Nazim Hussain Siddique
  3. C.    Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry
  4. D.    Sheikh Riaz Ahmad

32. _______ foreign tourists at Nanga Parbat base camp were killed in June 2013, by the terrorists.

  1. A.       5
  2. B.       10
  3. C.        20
  4. D.       25


  1. 33.            بلند و پست ایک  ______ مرکب ہے۔
  1. A.      مترادف
  2. B.       متضاد
  3. C.      ہم نام
  4. D.      سادہ
  1. 34.            امیر کا ہم قافیہ لفظ کیا ہے؟
  1. A.      غریب
  2. B.       ضمیر
  3. C.      امیروں
  4. D.      سعادت مند
  1. 35.            کتاب پڑھی گئی کس کی مثال ہے؟
  1. A.      فعل مجہول
  2. B.       فعل معروف
  3. C.      فعل لازم
  4. D.      فعل متعدی
  1. 36.            وہ حروف جو سبب یا وجہ کو ظاہر کرتے ہیں کیا کہلاتے ہیں؟
  1. A.      حروف تردیدہ
  2. B.       حروف شرط
  3. C.      حروف علت
  4. D.      حروف تہجی


Q #. Right Choice
1 C
2 C
3 C
4 A
5 D
6 C
7 A
8 B
9 A
10 B
11 C
12 B
13 A
14 E
15 C
16 A
17 E
18 A
19 C
20 B
21 A
22 B
23 B
24 B
25 D
26 A
27 D
28 D
29 D
30 C
31 C
32 B
33 B
34 B
35 A
36 C

Usually NTS written test is easy as compare to Pak navy, Pak air force, Pak army and PPSC written test exam, National testing service NTS CTD latest posts exam sample paper MCQs question is only idea.

If you need any further guide about these Pakistan Forces Jobs, Punjab Police, CTD Police Jobs then mention in below comments.


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