Punjab Government Revised Pay Scale 2019 Notification After Budget

Punjab Government Revised Pay Scale 2018/2019 Notification After Budget, Almost each of the single government employee are anxiously and much eagerly waiting for their revised pay scale updates. These employees wait for an entire year so that they can have increment and suitable increase in their pays. It is a fact that increase in their salaries fail to improve their living standards because Government of Pakistan increase the prices of products too. So what is the point of increasing their pays? Their increments and increased pays gets distributed and consumed while paying taxes. Budget 2019 has just been revealed few days back and details of Punjab government revised pay scale notification 2019 are yet to come. All eyes are on this revised and updated pay scale.

If we talk about about 2019 and previous year updates and revisions then they were not satisfactory at all. The Government just increased 10% of their basic pays and 10% of their pensions. Just 5% to 10% allowances were increased.

Though the government employees had raised a lot of objection on this issue but nothing conclusive and productive was done. In this year 2018/19, much is expected by the current government of Pakistan.Punjab Government Revised Pay Scale 2018 Notification After Budget

Increase in Salaries Annual Increment 2019 for BPS-01 to BPS-22

Punjab Government Revised Pay Scale 2019 Notification After Budget

Punjab Government Revised Pay Scale Notification 2019 After Budget, This time budget 2019 shall make a massive increase in their salaries.Hopefully, some major and prominent increase might be done in the pensions of retired employees. Other countries design their budget plans by keeping in mind the major and basic needs of their employees. Same kind of conception should too be followed by policy and budget makers. It is much expected that 15% increase in pays, about 15% increase in pensions, previous years of ad-hoc allowances will be combined.

We just hope that this budget 2019 bring a major and massive relief and comfort in the life of government employees. Same increments and change in basic pays will be done in the government employees of all provinces. So far, facts and sheets are not revealed and showed by the concerned and related departments.

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But as soon as and the minute revised pay scales 2019  will be updated and revealed, we will share the actual information with you. If you want to read about rest of the budget 2019 details then stay in touch. Detailed facts and information about current budget will sooner be uploaded over here. It is all about the Punjab Government Revised Pay Scale Notification 2019.

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