PM Youth Business Loan Scheme 2019 Apply Online All Banks in Pakistan

The name of the scheme will be “Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loans” and it will focus on (but will not be restricted to) unemployed youth, especially educated youth looking for establishing or extending business enterprises. PM Youth Business Loan Scheme 2019 Apply Online All Banks in Pakistan procedure step by step guide for all well educated, qualified peoples in Pakistan.

To formalize the ideology of Prime Minister’s PM Youth Business Loan scheme, Bank is committed to strengthening the young men/women entrepreneurs of Pakistan by supporting the scheme and providing the opportunities of financial independence through self-employment. With this objective, Bank shall be extending Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loans based on subsidized mark-up in order to help these entrepreneurs run their business satisfactorily.

The main objective of the pre-feasibility studies prepared by SMEDA is to provide information about investment opportunities to the small & medium enterprises (SME’s). A typical pre-feasibility study provides:

  1. Comprehensive information for investment opportunity in a business.
  2. Specific information regarding different business areas like, marketing, technical, industrial information etc. for the existing entrepreneurs to improve their exiting setup.
  3. Project investment information and financial projections to support viability of the business.

Eligibility Criteria

CNIC holder, Age 21-45, Entrepreneurial potential,
Applicant may apply for loans under this scheme only from the designated branch mapped with his/her area of residence/business

Security Requirements

One/Up to 03 Guarantor/s having cumulative income equal to 1.5 of the amount applied for under the scheme Personal/Blood relations can also give guarantee for a borrower.
A government servant of BPS-16 and above can also act as a guarantee.

Focus on Women

50% quota of women borrowers.

Debt-Equity Ratio

90:10 with tenor of up to 8 years (including 1 year grace period).  The borrower’s contribution of equity would be either in the form of cash or immovable property, and will be required only after approval of the loan.

Permissible collateral’s (business hypothetical)


6% fixed for borrower but government will pay the difference of the cost at KIBOR+500 bps.PM Youth Business Loan Scheme 2018 Apply Online All Banks in Pakistan

PM Youth Business Loan Scheme 2019 Apply Online All Banks in Pakistan

Sectoral Distribution of Loans

For the time being, there will be no limit on the maximum number of loans for any sector. Placement of ceilings can be considered subsequently keeping in view the importance of sectors and applications received for various sectors.

Size of Loan

Up to Rs. 20 lacs

Geographical Distribution

Whole of Pakistan
In the case of Balochistan, at least one branch of NBP will be designated per division
All non-designated NBP branches will guide the borrowers to the nearest designated branch along with facilitation to receive and dispatch the application to the nearest designated branch if so requested by the borrower.

SBP to ensure that loans are broadly in conformity with provincial populations.

Form processing Fee

Non-refundable form processing fee would be Rs.100/- at the time of submission of form. However, no fee will be charged for the form itself and a photocopy will also be admissible.

Application Form

Will require minimum essential information and the format will be as simple as possible to facilitate applicants

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SBP will arrange appropriate training for private banks to implement the scheme. NBP and FWBL will provide appropriate training to their own staff. NBP will also assist in training of FWBL and SMEDA Staff

Executing Banks

  • National Bank of Pakistan(Branches)
  • Frst Women Bank Limited(Branches)
  • Habib Bank Limited(Branches)
  • Habib Metropolitan Bank(Branches)
  • Bank Al-Habib(Branches)
  • Sindh Bank(Branches)
  • Summit Bank(Branches)
  • Al Baraka Bank(Branches)
  • Dubai Islamic Bank(Branches)
  • Allied bank Limited(Branches)
  • Muslim Commercial Bank(Branches)
  • JS Bank(Branches)
  • United Bank Limited(Branches)
  • Askari Bank(Branches)
  • Soneri Bank
  • Meezan Bank

Sectors and Products

All sectors. Standardized schemes/projects/ undertakings will be designed by SMEDA, projects designed by private sector service providers or by individuals themselves.
Role of SMEDA,
The 50 or so feasibilities prepared and uploaded by SMEDA would be extensively publicized and their access to public made easier through multiple linkages with other relevant websites;
SMEDA will work closely with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) to ensure that the schemes are accessible to those who participated in the PITB survey.

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