NUST Entry Test Preparation Syllabus Pattern Important Topics Best way to Prepared

NUST Entry Test Preparation Syllabus Pattern Important Topics Best way to Prepared with mcqs and past solved exams test online. NUST symbolizes quality and excellence. Its spirited faculty, industrious students and excellent support infrastructure provide an academic environment, found only in the very best of the world universities. Complete guideline for how to Prepare for the NUST Entry Test?

Multi-disciplinary University

National University of Sciences and Technology is a multi-sectoral university which offers a wide range of study options.

Academic Excellence

By virtue of its merit-based selection, it attracts the most talented students who perpetuate a culture of academic excellence.

Recognized Qualifications

The academic programs are duly accredited by the respective professional bodies, and the qualifications are recognized internationally for their quality and relevance.

State-of-the-art Labs and Studios

There are well-equipped labs, workshops and studios for art and design work.

On-campus Hostels

There are separate hostels for boys and girls, with dining and administrative support facilities. Rooms are furnished for single and double occupancy.

Quality Culture

NUST invests in the best. Quality standards and international best practices are followed in letter and spirit.

Counselling and Career Advisory Services

The University has a specialized Centre to guide and help the students to cope with adjustment and stress-related issues. Besides, Career Development Center provides programs and services to help students to make effective career choices.


The University provides various types of financial support and incentives to both talented and needy students in the form of scholarships, fee waivers and deferred payments.

Entrepreneurial Culture

NUST infuses a spirit of enterprise among its students through taught courses and programs designed to nurture budding entrepreneurs.

Primary focus of this article is Engineering & IT test but much of the discussion here will also benefit Medical students.

Starting with the basic guidelines and test pattern just in case you still didn’t know about it.

  1. MCQ based paper having 200 of them in total.
  2. 80 are from Mathematics / Biology.
  3. 60 are from Physics.
  4. 30 are from Chemistry.
  5. 20 English.
  6. 10 IQ.

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