Join ISI Pakistan as Civilian Agent Officer Procedure Eligibility Criteria

How to Join ISI inter services intelligence of Pakistan one of the best intelligence service around the World. Join ISI Pakistan as Civilian Agent Officer after Matric Intermediate Graduation complete procedure in Urdu easy steps to meet eligibility criteria required documents application form submissions with test interviews dates schedule.

The Inter-Services Intelligence is the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan, operationally responsible for gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world. As one of the principal members of the Pakistani intelligence community, the ISI reports to the Director-General and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the Government of Pakistan. If you planning to become the part of ISI Pakistan as an officer and Agent after matric, intermediate and graduation in science arts educational career. Here we will be giving you the brief description by which you can learn that how you can take part in ISI Pakistan as an officer and agent after matric, intermediate and graduation.

Join ISI Pakistan as Civilian Agent Officer ProcedureJoin ISI Pakistan as Civilian Agent Officer Procedure Eligibility Criteria

Major departments:

  • Joint Intelligence X (JIX)
  • Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB)
  • Joint Counter Intelligence Bureau (JCIB)
  • Joint Intelligence North (JIN)
  • Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous (JIM)
  • Joint Signal Intelligence Bureau (JSIB)
  • Joint Intelligence Technical (JIT)
  • SS Directorate (SSD)

Required Education:

  • Matric (10th Class, Arts, Science)
  • Intermediate (FA, FSc, ICS, D.Com etc)
  • Bachelor (BA, BSc, B.Com, BcSC, English, Computer, Science Subjects)
  • Master (MA, MSc, M.Com, in all science arts subjects)

How to Join ISI Pakistan:

There are Two way to join ISI, Pakistan as an Officer or Agent.
  • The indirect way
  • The Direct way

Join ISI Through Indirect Way:

First we’ll discuss the indirect procedure:

If you are passionate to serve your motherland, you ‘ll surely achieve it somehow. Join ISI indirectly requires joining first, the armed forces of Pakistan. Be as Pak Army, Pak Navy, or the Pak Air Force, members of all armed forces can join ISI, whether they are Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO’s), or the Non Commissioned Officers (NCO’s). Officers, JCO’s, NCO’s have to apply for admission. After taking permission from the Unit Officers Command’s, they appear in a basic test which on clearing, they are sent into the Inter-Services Intelligence School.

After finishing the intelligence course, they can apply to be posted in Field Intelligence Units (FIU) or in the directorate of Military, Air, Naval intelligence. Then they wait and hope that their performance is good enough to be invited to the ISI for a temporary posting. Based on their performance in the military and the temporary posting with ISI, they are then offered a more permanent position.

Senior ISI officers with ranks of Major and above are only assigned to the ISI for no more than two to three years to curtail the attempt to abuse their power. Almost all of the Director-Generals of the ISI have never served in the organization before being appointed by the military commanders to lead it. ISI also monitors former, current and retired military officers who at one point or another, held sensitive positions and had access to classified data.

However in some special circumstances, officers with outstanding achievements are given an extended appointment and even a lifetime till 60 years of age job.

Join ISI Direct Way:

Now we come to the direct procedure:

For civilians, recruitment is advertised and is jointly handled by the Federal Public Services Commission (FPSC) and civilian ISI agents are considered employees of the Ministry of Defense. The FPSC conducts various examinations testing the candidates’ knowledge of current affairs, English and various analytical abilities. Based on the results, the FPSC shortlists the candidates and sends the list to the ISI which then, conducts the initial background checks. The selected candidates are then invited for an interview which is conducted by a joint committee comprising both ISI and FPSC officials.

Those candidates who pass the interview, then have to go through rigorous fitness, medical and psychological evaluations. Once the candidate clears these evaluations, the ISI performs a very thorough background check on the candidate before being offered to join the ISI. Security clearance is granted once the candidate accepts the offer. Recruited agents then go to the Inter Services Intelligence School for basic training following which, they are employed on an initial one year probationary period.

However, civilian operatives are not allowed to rise above the equivalent of the rank of Major and are mostly assigned to Joint Intelligence X (JIX), Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB) and Joint Counterintelligence Bureau (JCIB) departments and the rest of the departments are solely headed by the armed forces though there have been rare cases in which civilians have been assigned to those departments.

For civilians who want to join ISI so the advertisement is handled by Federal Public Service Commission because the members of ISI are related to ministry of defence. The FSPC conduct various sort of test to know the amenities of that person whether this person is having the capability to join this field or not. These tests measure some amenities of that individual as creativity, persistence, spirit, IQ level and person should be able to solve puzzle well.

Terms and Conditions

Intermediate Graduation:

  • For the intermediate or equivalent the age limit has been set as in between 17-22 years.
  • For serving up the PAF Personnel graduation has been considered as much in qualification that demands for 2 years education. Its age limit has been set as 17-23 years.
  • For serving up as the Army Soliders graduation has been considered as much in qualification that demands for 24 years education i.e. BS and BBA. Its age limit has been set as 17-25 years.

Main Requirements:

  • This post is just accessible for the male who should be unmarried.
  • Their nationality should be as the citizen of Pakistan.
  • Their minimum height should be 5 feet 4 inches.
  • They must have minimum 60% marks in the FA/FSC.  And in graduation they must have the score of 60% as well.
  • Those students who are serving the army as the Army Soliders they must have 50% in FA/FSC.
  • They should attach their district domicile as well.

ISI Intelligence IQ Test:

This test is basically based on intelligence and sharpness of one’s mind in order to check the IQ level of that person by giving them some sort of puzzle to solve and tricky questions but specially puzzles are given to solve to measure the intellect.

IQ Tests In General:

IQ tests generally contain subject tests that include knowledge, current issues and analytical skills, English and some other subjects as well. The IQ level should be above the 151 level and consisted of theoretical tests, but not only on the basis of this theoretical test, other tests are also crucial in determining the comfort of individuals.

After these tests FSPC lists the candidates who are not eligible and send the list of successful candidates to them and then perform the interview. Those candidates who pass the interview then aptitude test is conducted which includes tests of medical fitness and psychological assessments.

As the individual erases this test, then ISI performs a difficult background and checks the candidate correctly before being offered to join ISI. Recruited individuals are sent to the training school before and are employed for a period of one year.

Civilian operations are not allowed to rise above the Senior ranks and are allowed to join Joint Intelligence x, the Joint Intelligence Bureau, and the Office of Joint Counterintelligence Bureau and other departments are led by armed forces. So these are the steps through which one has to go through and then have been categorized and assigned to this ISI job.

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