Interest Free Students Loan in Pakistan By Akhuwat

Interest Free Students Loan in Pakistan By Akhuwat limit duration procedure recovery with complete details for loan in Urdu. Akhuwat aims to alleviate poverty by creating a bond of solidarity between the affluent and the marginalized. Our goal is to develop and sustain a social system based on mutual support. We extend a helping hand to the poverty-stricken by providing interest-free loans so they can start a business and become self-reliant. We are a non-profit company, established in 2001, and registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan under section 42.

Akhuwt Pakistan is a non government organization which is striving  to provide interest free loans in Pakistan to the middle and lower middle class. Dr Amjad Saqib is the founder and chairman of this organization. Akhuwat has launched its student loan scheme. Through which students can get interest free student loan in Pakistan up to 25000 rupees.

The name of this student loan scheme is “Education loan”. You can get this interest free student loan in Pakistan for paying your fees/dues and buying study material. Students and their parents both can apply for loan under this scheme of Akhuwat. Akhuwat has launched his education loan scheme to reduce the drop out rate. We now that you people who have computers and access to internet don’t need to borrow study loan but we are writing this article so that you may be able to guide any needy student in your surrounding about taking interest free education loan.Interest Free Students Loan in Pakistan By Akhuwat

Interest Free Student Loan in Pakistan By Akhuwat

Both male and female students can apply for student loans. Lending methodology of these students loans is very easy. You can get loan in just 3 weeks. Borrower will have to provide two individual guarantors. One of the two guarantors may be from borrower;s family.Akhuwat also offers internship for four weeks. Details are available on the official website of organization.

You may also get small loan for any business. Akhuwat also offers different other interest free products. We shall write a detailed article on its various products soon. Akhuwat largely depends upon donations so if you can afford then join hands with Dr Amjad Saqib and his team. You may also become the volunteer of Akhuwat. You can get the further details about interest free student loan in Pakistan from

Akhuwat – literal translation ‘brotherhood’ or solidarity derives its name from the Islamic concept of ‘mawakhat’. The term was coined in 622 A.D. when immigrants from Mecca fled persecution at the time of migration by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muwahat was the result of the citizens of Medina sharing their wealth and establishing a bond of brotherhood with the migrants of Mecca.

We see Akhuwat not only as a religious obligation, but also a social contract – it is pact between the privileged and the underprivileged, a duty of those who have resource towards those who do not. Today Akhuwat’s operations reflect strengthening of its original philosophy, coupled with inspiring new initiatives.

Akhuwat envisions a Country where access to best quality education is ensured as a fundamental right. Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. We evaluate our success by gathering qualitative and quantitative data, and using that information to measure shifts and changes from our baseline measurements.

Conforming to its tradition of extending a helping hand to the under-privileged segment of society, Akhuwat has been focused on making education accessible to the poor and destitute. It believes that every child deserves a chance to be educated; not only does it promote learning in terms of the regular curriculum, it also fine-tunes students to become productive and efficient human beings in all walks of life.

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