How to Pass NTS NAT Test Guide Tips

How to pass NTS NAT test guide tips prepare online procedure sample papers pattern format example papers tricks for easily clear NST Test in short time.

NTS (National Testing Service) is an organization which conducts various tests and NAT Test is one of them. NAT stands for National Aptitude Test. Basically this aptitude test is conducted for the admissions in NAT Associated Universities in various disciplines. How to pass, prepare NTS NAT test easily national testing service is given there. If one follows a proper procedure then it’s not to much difficult to pass the entry test.

A candidate must aware about the nature of material that is asked in it and according to it one try to prepare himself. Maximum of paper will cover inter subjects and a part of paper will also asked from matriculation in NAT Test..

Last and most important thing is that in which way one can attempt their paper. Because only those students pass this paper that attempt it in right way. Start from easy part at which one has strong grip them move to difficult portion of paper. Most important thing is the removing of misunderstanding that any unofficial help will allow in NTS papers.

What Percentage Is Required To Pass NTS NAT.NTS Test format for jobs and pattern for NAT test is not difficult to learn. Best way to pass NTS NAT test in Urdu, English and easily guide. NTS NAT Test Guide, Preparation tips & Paper Pattern Sample papers and example papers also help you to prepare your NAT exams in short time.

How to Pass NTS NAT Test Guide TipsSuper Tips for Clear Pass NTS NAT Test Guide Tips

How to Pass NTS NAT Test Guide Tips

Candidates have to clear the NAT test of their subject group for taking admission in such universities or institutions. NAT test result remains valid for just one year so after clearing the test apply immediately in your desired university or degree awarding institute.

Some Special Tips:

  • Reach each question at least two times before you encircle the answer.
  • Don’t miss any question.
  • You must check your answer sheet in last two minutes to label such missing and fill them.
  • If you have confusion regarding a certain point (not picket so well), don’t leave it unanswered. Guess the most appropriate answer and encircle it because there is not negative marking.

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How To Clear NTS NAT Test:
There are following two basic types of NAT test;

  • NAT I Tests:
  • For students who have completed 12 years of education have to appear in this category of tests. This category has following kinds of tests.
    NAT-IE (It is for the students of Pre-Engineering Group).
    NAT-IM (It is for the students of Pre-Medical Group).
    NAT-IA (It is for the students of Arts Group).
    NAT-ICS (It is for the students who have passed ICS exam).
    NAT-IGS (This is for the students who have passed FA General Science).
    NAT-ICOM (This test has been designed for the candidates of Commerce group).
  • NAT II Tests:
    This category has been designed for students who have completed 14 years of education. There are following kinds of category two tests;
    NAT-IIA (For students of Art & Social Sciences Group)
    NAT-IIB (For candidates of Biological Science Group)
    NAT-IIM (For candidates of Management Sciences Group)
    NAT-IIP (For candidates of Physical Sciences Group)
    NAT-IIO (For candidates of Oriental & Islamic Studies Group)

Preparation Tips:

MCQ types questions are asked in NAT test by NTS. There are following 4 sections of NAT test of both above mentioned categories.

English Section

Sentence Completion (Test takers will have to chose appropriate word for filling in the blank from given options) Analogy (You will have to guess the relationship between 2 similar or related words)
Antonym (Candidates are asked to select the opposite meaning of given word or words)
Comprehension (You are asked to reply questions given at the end of a paragraph)
Synonym (You will be asked to guess the similar word of given any word)

Analytical Section

Your analytical skills will be tested in this portion. In short we can describe the analytical skills as analyzing or situation handling skills. Candidates are supposed to select the correct option after analyzing the given statement, scenario or complex situation. NTS can give you any situation scenario or statement in shape of graphs, tables, statements or paragraph.

Quantitative Section

This part is related to MCQs related to basic concepts of Mathematics like;

  • Addition

Subject Section

It is the part of NAT test which differ in all kinds of NAT tests. In this section students are asked question about their key subjects in their last class. For example FSc pre engineering students will be asked questions about Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, while FSc Pre Medical students will have to answer the questions related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

NAT Test Preparation Books

Many publishers have published hand books for preparation of NTS NAT test. These books not only contain sample questions but also sample papers. Hopefully soon you will not need to buy any helping book for preparation of NTS NAT test after the completion of our online testing website.

Format & Pattern of NAT Test

90 questions are asked in category one tests and 100 questions are asked in category two tests. Students are given just two hours for both these types of tests. Equal number of questions are asked in first 3 portions of both of both these categories. For detailed format of each and every test of both categories kindly visit the official website of National Testing Service.

National Testing Service NTS NAT test tips and guide in easy steps for clear and passed in maximum marks.


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