HEC Send Pakistani Students Scholars to US for PhD Studies

Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan sent 10,000 scholars from the United States (US) for doctoral studies from next year in the specific fields of Agriculture and Food Security, Energy, Water, Climate Change, Medicine and Science Health, Advanced Digital technology and others.

The Minister of Planning, Development and Reform Ahsan Iqbal made this announcement to explain the Hall of Pakistan-US knowledge during a videoconference session, together with the Vice Chancellors of varsities across the country.

The chairman of the Commission on Higher Education Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed and Executive Director of the higher education commission Dr. Arshad Ali were also present at the event. China awarded scholarships to 61 students from the universities of Sindh.

Pakistan-US intellectualized Corridor was in June last year as a result of Pakistan and the United States Education, Science and Technology Working Group under the dialogue provided 2-sided. The Government of Pakistan provides for improving enrollment in the area of ​​education to almost 5 billion by 2025 and reach of higher education institutions at the district level.

At this point, universities face shortage of 30,000 qualified teachers doctorate. The minister said while addressing the other hand that 10,000 doctors trained in the best universities in the United States give exceptional results.

HEC Send Pakistani Students Scholars to US for PhD Studies

“The government is dedicated to increasing access to higher education and thus sub-campus and virtual campus are being established at district level in order to allow applicants to obtain brilliant higher education at your doorstep.”

He added that the horizontal expansion will not be achieved at the expense of quality. He said the service recommended in universities will be established to consider for talent, prospective students and trained how to get admission abroad, preparing research profile and recommended for admission.

Ahsan Iqbal acknowledged the main responsibilities of a university team including instruction, quality research, knowledge creation, innovation and encouraging respect for the industry’s contribution to the Department of Education relationship.Higher economy and the university community announces 50K more scholarships for students in 2017.

Moreover, he shared the new configuration Technological Innovation Fund, which will be for the new doctors to research takeaways and gain a competitive scholarship to achieve economic impact.

Dr. Ahmed Mukhtar gave the summary of the efforts of the Commission on Higher Education for development of human resources and facilities offering technical institutions of higher education. He admired the increased government subsidy to higher education over the past three years.

It is expected that the United States Knowledge Corridor Pakistan will certainly help in building the knowledge economy.

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