HEC Launch NTS Free Testing Service For Admissions

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan with the aim of making the process of admission effective at zero rate fees is going to launch its own entry testing service. The service will be launched from January 2017. All the expenses of education testing council(ETC) will be paid by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Results will be declared within two hours after the end of test.

HEC has finally established its own testing service i.e ETC (education testing council) for the government and private universities and institutions of the Pakistan to provide free testing services for entry test. This revolutionary step will compete education testing service with national testing service(NTS). At present NTS has monopoly in this field.

At the first stage, this testing service will be launched for the admission in federal universities. Meanwhile, a test conducting body has been already established by the HEC. The HEC will pay the expenses of the test. Two tests will be held each year and the result of the text will be valid for two years from the date of passing the test.

It is interesting that National Testing Service charges minimum 500 PKR per candidate from different institutions. Complaints about NTS are increasing day by day. Result of admission and entry tests are announced too late. Lot of cases against NTS were brought in the court of law.

The chairman of HEC Dr.Mukhtiar has told that free services will be provided for the admissions in different public/private universities and institutions and HEC will pay all the expenses for these tests. He also added by saying that ETC will be an independent body that will have its own bank for setting questions for tests.

The minister described the initiative as an important step toward building the knowledge economy, adding that the incumbent government is providing all possible resources for the uplift of education in the country. “It is a misconception that PML-N is only working on infrastructure development, but in fact we are fully committed to providing quality education in the country,” he maintained.

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