Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan New Restrictions, Packages & Rules Announced

Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan New Restrictions, Packages & Rules Announced. The designated branches of scheduled banks would start receiving Government Scheme Hajj applications from January 15, Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf said Wednesday.

Announcing Hajj Policy 2020, he told media that the Hajj applications would be received till January 24 and balloting to choose 120,000 successful pilgrims would be held on January 26. As many as 59,210 would perform the Hajj through Private Hajj Scheme.

He said Rs 280,000 would be paid by the intending pilgrims of North region while Rs 270,000 would be received from the intending pilgrims going to perform Hajj from South Region. Hajj dues have not been increased this year to enable the intending pilgrims to perform the sacred religious duty with immunity.

Intending pilgrims would have to deposit Rs 13,050 additional for sacrifice. The government Hajj scheme quota ratio has been enhanced further to on public demand.

A total of 179,210 Pakistanis would perform sacred religious obligation this year, 67 percent will perform Hajj from government scheme and 33 percent under private scheme.

Stakeholders would be consulted to reduce Hajj itinerary from 38 days to 30 days.

A quota of 10,000 has been allocated for the applicants of over 80 years of age for hajj 2020. If the number of applicants exceeds 10,000 mark the successful would be selected through balloting, he said adding that the applicants who remained unsuccessful in last consecutive three years would be selected through normal balloting.Hajj Policy 2018 Pakistan

Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan New Restrictions, Packages

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A total of 10,000 of such persons would be selected through a separate balloting.

Hajj Group Organisers (HGOs) would be enrolled afresh. The successful pilgrims could also see the status of their application on ministry’s website, www.mora.gov.pk and www.hajjinfo.org.

He said a person having performed Hajj through Government Scheme has been declared not eligible for applying for Hajj only exception is mehram accompanying a woman for Hajj.

Accompanying a Mehram has been made mandatory for each Haji women. However over 45 years women of Fiqia-e-Jafria would be exempted from the condition.

The federal government on Wednesday approved the Hajj Policy for 2020.

As per the policy, the official hajj scheme quota will be 120,000.

In a press conference, Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf said that the Hajj applications will be accepted from January 15 to 25, 2020.

He said that a draw for the official scheme will be held on January 26, 2020.

The minister said that the policy of the last year will continue, and Pakistan’s Hajj quota will be 179,000.

He said that the Hajj policy was revised due to the verdict of the Supreme Court

“[Now], the public’s trust over the official Hajj scheme has been restored,” he claimed.

The minister said that if there are any discrepancies in the scheme, then the government will bear them.

He said that it is the fifth consecutive year that the government has successfully announced a Hajj policy.

International Machine Readable Passport having validity of upto February 20, 2020, Computerized National Identity Card and Medical certificate would be mandatory.

New Hajj Policy Details

There are only a handful of changes in new policy from previous ones. Following points will cover the new Hajj policy:

  • Cost of Hajjpackage for Northern region: Rs. 280,000.
  • Cost for Southern region: Rs. 270,000.
  • Hajj quota for Pakistanis: 179,210. Cost and quota are same as last year’s.
  • Rs. 13,050 extra will be submitted for animal sacrifice.
  • Government will manage 120,000 pilgrims while private tour companies will handle rest.
  • 10,000 seats have been reserved for citizens over 80 years of age. They will also be accompanied by one attendant.
  • Draws will be held on 26th January for successful applications.
  • People who have failed to get their names selected in draws for at least three times will have an additional chance this year. 10,000 seats have been set aside for people who qualify for this case.
  • Anyone who has already performed pilgrimage on government scheme will not be allowed to submit application through government scheme. While people who have performed Hajj in the last three years will not be allowed to submit applications even through private companies.
  • Every applicant should hold a CNIC, valid passport until February 2020 and a medical certificate.
  • A mahram should accompany women of every age except Shia women. Shia women of age 45 years and above will not need a mahram to travel with them for Hajj.

The new policy has already been approved by federal cabinet. Sardar Muhammad Yousuf, Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, while announcing the policy said that ministry is in talks with authorities to reduce Hajj period from 38 days to 30 days. The reduction will benefit the Hajis, the minister added.

A two percent quota (2400) has been reserved for hardship cases. Out of which 500 seats would be allocated to low income, labours whose institution has been registered with workers welfare board.

He said Hajj Group Organisers (HGOs) would be allotted quota through transparent mechanism. HGOs would have to deposit five percent of their package amount to ministry as security deposit which is returnable after Hajj.

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  1. Aftab Azeem

    Jan 18. 2019

    Kindly mention that if a person had performed hajj on Govt. scheme, for how many year he is not illegible to submit application again

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    • Faryal Shanzay

      Jan 18. 2019

      Aftab Saab@ this is mention in latest Pakistan Hajj Policy, and Saudia hajj Policy for Pakistan, Please wait until Hajj policy 2019 unveiled. We will mention complete info,
      In previous session one person perform Hajj on gov qouta one time in 5 years, but rejection application candidates apply for next time without any issue.

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