Government Servants in Pakistan BPS Pay Scales Salaries Increments Allowances

Government Servants in Pakistan BPS Pay Scales salaries increments allowances for Private, Govt employs. BPS Pay Scales in Pakistan and their salaries with allownece details. Though there are also some other Pay Scale Systems in Pakistan except Basic Pay Scale Structure (BPS) but BPS is widely used pay scale system in Pakistan. Most of the Government Departments and Organizations follow BPS System. SPS and army scales are examples of other pay systems in Pakistan while private organizations companies industries are free to make their own pay structures while Government fixes a minimum salary of any private employee.

Here I am giving BPS pay structure in brief for you. BPS scales are regularly revised after every few years. Previously these were revised in previous years and now after three years these are once again revised in every budget keeping in view the inflation rate in Pakistan. Basic Pay Scales for BPS-1, BPS-2, BPS-3, BPS-4, BPS-5, BPS-6, BPS-7, BPS-8, BPS-9, BPS-10, BPS-11, BPS-12, BPS-13, BPS-14, BPS-15, BPS-16, BPS-17, BPS-18, BPS-19, BPS-20, BPS-21, BPS-22, Salary of Govt Servants in Pakistan Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balouchistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir provinces.BPS Pay Scales Salaries

Government Servants in Pakistan BPS Pay Scales Salaries Increments Allowances

Basic Pay Scales BPS of the Civil Servants of Pakistan

BPS Minimum Pay Annual Increment Maximum Pay Stages
BPS-1 4800 150 9300 30
BPS-2 4900 170 10000 30
BPS-3 5050 200 11050 30
BPS-4 5200 230 12100 30
BPS-5 5400 260 13200 30
BPS-6 5600 290 14300 30
BPS-7 5800 320 15400 30
BPS-8 6000 350 16500 30
BPS-9 6200 380 17600 30
BPS-10 6400 420 19000 30
BPS-11 6600 460 20400 30
BPS-12 7000 500 22000 30
BPS-13 7500 550 24000 30
BPS-14 8000 610 26300 30
BPS-15 8500 700 29500 30
BPS-16 10000 800 34000 30
BPS-17 16000 1200 40000 20
BPS18 20000 1500 50000 20
BPS-19 31000 1600 63000 20
BPS-20 36000 2350 68900 14
BPS-21 40000 2600 76400 14
BPS-22 43000 3050 85700 14

Note: BPS, Minimum Pay, Maximum Pay, Annual Increments and all other TA/DA, allowances etc are in Pak Rupees.

Civil servants are also entitled various other allowances as per their department organization rules and their service terms along with their basic pay, as a part of their Gross Pay. These allowances may include Ad hoc Relief Allowance, Medical Allowance, Special Pay, Conveyance Allowance, House Rent allowance and several other miscellaneous allowances, which are applicable. Government also pays pensions to its retired employees. Federal Government and provincial governments have their separate pay systems closely similar to each other.

Keep stay in touch and keep visiting we will provide you complete details of pensions allowances with BPS in private and Government sectors employs.

Adhoc Relief Allowance:

Government of Pakistan has announced an adhoc relief allowance of 20 percent of the running basic pay to all the employees of federal pay for the year. Provincial governments also announced the same for their employees.

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    Latest TA DA rates of BPS 16. Kindly inform soon
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