Females Career Jobs Options After Matric Inter Bachelor Master Education

Females career jobs options after Matric Inter Bachelor Master Education top women careers in Pakistan and out of country. Contrary to this, with the growing industry and awareness of the importance of education, now the proportion of women compared to men are increasing to enter the educational fields and opt for them as a profession. Therefore, there are many career and work opportunities for girls among which few of them are being discussed. Career options and jobs for Female today we shall discuss future career for girls in Pakistan and abroad.
  • Females Career Jobs in Medicine (Medical)
Traditionally medical is considered an ideal field for females. At present women have dominated in this field in Pakistan. Large majority of medical students in Pakistan are females.  Females have excelled in all fields of medical science. Alternative options of MBBS & BDS with in nursing their ratio is about 95%. Due to their kind nature women can perform much better than men in medical field. Kindly read our following article for guidance about different career options for women in medical field other than MBBS and BDS.
  • Teaching (Subject Specialist, Educator, Lecturer)
Teaching is the second most popular career option in females after medicine field. Females can enter in teaching career through many routes. Majority of them like to go for BEd after graduation. Those who want to get the job of lecturer prefer to get master degree in the field of their interest. Many females get certificate and diplomas in education and Montessori teaching.  We recommend you that after graduation you should go for BEd and after that complete your master. Try to get teaching job after B.Ed in government sector as private schools in Pakistan offer very low salaries to female teachers. Even after getting job you should continue your studies. You may go for MEd, MA Education, MS/MPhil and PhD.
  • Females Career Jobs in Psychology
Psychology is another ideal field for females. Female psychologists can earn money from home and online. Being psychologist they can work as career counselor, teacher, lecturer and psychiatrist. We recommend female psychologists to get the DHMS diploma too as homeopathy has some very effective medicines for mental disorders. My own wife is a psychologist and she has also got the BHMS degree after DHMS. She prescribe homeopathic and bach flower medicines to her patients. Recovery rate of her patients is more than 80%, which is much better than any other psychologist. She has set up her clinic in house and also running a self-help website.
  • Females Career Jobs in Civil Service
It is very important for women empowerment that they should enter in civil service. Unfortunately till now our females are not aware of their self-worth. They have defeated the males in all fields of life, but their ratio in civil service is very low. All graduate girls should appear in PMS, PCS and CSS exams. They can easily clear these exams by following the tips. We are also going to provide the facility of online preparation for all these exams. Sisters you just need to make long term strategy after matriculation for clearing the competitive exam.
  • Females Career Jobs in Computer Science
Computer science is the science of future. This field can make you a self-employed person and you can earn unlimited money online. Sky is the limit in this field for girls too. It is recommended that you should get at least bachelor degree in computer science for great career in this field. I know many women who have just got one month training of word press and SEO and now they are earning lot of money through Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling services and blogging. Degree or diploma in IT can change your future. You may get job in all fields of life. You may also become entrepreneur. Even humanities students should opt computer science.
  • Females Career Jobs in Banking
Now a days banks are preferring females for general banking jobs. If you are interested in banking jobs then go for degrees of commerce or management streams like BBA, B.com IT, B.Com, MBA, M.Com, ACCA etc. We recommend you to clear JAIBP exam as this qualification can ensure your seat in any bank of Pakistan.
  • Females Career Jobs in Special Education
Special education is a special field for girls. Only girls can handle and educate special children. Teachers of special education institutes are given very high salary. Bed and Med special education are most recommended degrees for you. There are many public and private special education institutes allover the world and females can get teaching jobs in these institutes very easily. Women may also go for   short courses and diplomas in Hearing Impairment, Mental Retardation, Visual Impairment, Physical Disability and Multiple Disabilities.
  • Journalism & Mass Communication 
Females are also excelling in the media field. Degree in journalism and mass communication can win a job for you in FM radio channels, magazines, TV channels, newspapers, digests and news websites. Journalism and mass communication subject is taught only at bachelor level in Pakistan. You may also get short courses and diplomas in journalism and mass communication. Journalism is a very vast field so you can specialize in its one field e.g reporting, acting, editing, script writing, photography, film making, direction, production, singing or anchoring.
  • Females Career Jobs in Law 
Now a day’s females are also entering in legal field as lawyer, judge, lecturer, legal writer, public prosecutor, legal advisor and legal inspector. Women victims prefer to hire female lawyer for their cases especially in family matters. You may go for 5 years BA-LLB degree after intermediate. It’s a new but most recommended degree for women. Three years LLB degree is best option for bachelor degree holders. All female lawyers must apply for the posts public prosecutor, civil judge and additional session judge. You should also appear in competitive exams like PMS, CSS and PCS. Kindly use internet for getting cases as females in Pakistan are not allowed to develop social contacts.
  • Females Career Jobs in Engineering
Fortunately now female students of Pakistan are also taking interest in the field of engineering. Computer software, hardware, textile, chemical, mechanical, electronics, genetic and biomedical engineering are most recommended engineering fields for women. Even after matriculation you may enter in the field of engineering through DAE. After DAE you must go for B.Tech degree program. Majority of female doctors and engineers leave their profession after marriage. Women and their family especially husband and in-laws must realize that how much money state has spent on their education.

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  • Business Administration
In a typical Islamic country like Pakistan women are not allowed to take part in outdoor business activities but now due to IT revolution women can launch their online business too. There are many businesses, which only females can run better than men like boutique, beauty parlor, schools, colleges, textile manufacturing, fashion industry etc. Women can enter or run any business after getting BBA or MBA degree. They can also enter in the business administration and management fields after getting short courses and diplomas in these fields. Women can also get business loan through FWBL (First Women Bank Limited), Akhuwat, SME bank and Prime Minster employment scheme.
  • Females Career Jobs in Interior Decoration 
Due to their great esthetic sense no one can compete females in the field of interior decoration. Architects and interior decorators are given the best payment for their services.
  • Hotel Management 
Females can get job in all the fields of hospitality industry. They can work on cooking to managerial posts. MSc and MBA hotel management are the 2 most popular degrees in this field for women. We recommend you to take deep interest in your field till the final success.
  • Females Career Jobs in Secretarial Jobs
It’s a fact that secretaries have become important part of all business. Due to heavy workload even an ordinary businessman cannot expand his business without having personal secretary. 99 % secretarial jobs are given to women in all businesses. Females who have studied commerce, business administration, public administration, journalism can get secretarial jobs very easily.
  • Females Career Jobs in Online Jobs
Females can get many kinds of online jobs through different freelance websites like freelance.com, odesk.com, fiverr.com, elance.com etc. We will guide you about all these options.
  •  Females Career Jobs in Creative Writing 
Females with creative writing skills can earn unlimited money through various sources like blogging, feature writing, column writing, articles & script writing etc. Freelancing websites are best source of earning money for you. My best friend is Sonia Maryam, she is a lawyer by profession, but she is earning more than 50000 rupees per month through freelance writing. You may also earn lot of money with the help of your creative writing skills.
  •  Females Career Jobs in Navy, Air Force & Army
Pak Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force have also recognized the importance of women in different fields of armed forces. Just highly talented girls are selected for jobs in our armed forces like PAF, Pakistan Navy and Pak Army. Females can join Pak army through various routes like after matriculation, intermediate and graduation.
  •  Library and Information Sciences  
Library and information sciences is also an ideal field for girls. This subject can help you in winning the librarian job in secured and comfortable atmosphere. There are different kinds of libraries like reference library, college library, university library, public library, e-library etc.
  • Females Career Jobs in Fine Arts
Fine arts is also a good field for girls as due to their creative nature and good aesthetic sense, women can create master pieces in the field of painting, sculpture, drama etc.
  • Females Career Jobs in Home Economics
Home Economics is the best field for females. It can polish their hidden natural talent. They can easily manage home and business/job.
  •  Commerce & E commerce
Females can also make their career in the fields of commerce and e-commerce. B.Com and B.Com IT are two recommended programs for girls in this field. Women can get desk jobs in public and private offices through these undergraduate degrees.
  •  Sociology & Social Work 
These two subjects are useful for those females who want to enter in NGO sector. Thousands of women are already working in different local and international non-governmental organizations.
  • Professional Diplomas & Short Course
There are many professional diplomas and short courses which can help you in earning money like
  • DHMS
  • FTJ
  • Nursing
  • WordPress & SEO
  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • DIT
  • DBA
  • LHV
  • Gynecology Assistant
  • Montessori Diploma
  • Vocational Courses
  • Paramedical Diplomas

Females Career Jobs in Beauty Expert

Beauty industry is one of the most booming industry of the world. Girls must learn the art of makeup and hair cutting. Little interest in this field can make you a self-employed person. You can open your own beauty parlor or training center. Now a days even TEVTA is offering beautician course in very reasonable fee. Deplix is a famous private sector beauty training institute. Just qualification is not enough in this field, you will have to spend some time as trainee too for getting experience and learning beauty tips.
  • Females Career Jobs in Air Hostess
Air hostess is a paying job for females. You just need to groom your personality and improve your English for winning the job of air-hostess. Visit for daily guidance about more career options for women. You may ask questions from our team of career counselors for individual guidance. Best wishes for the future career of our sisters. Source by, myteststudy.

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