How to use Facebook instant Articles in WordPress

How to use Facebook instant Articles in WordPress Complete guide for beginners from authentic source.

I will talk about earning money Online with Facebook and Facebook instant articles I will get back to the letter because last time when I Published article about,  a how-to verify facebook page blue badge than a block so this is going to detail about how you can earn money using Facebook instant articles if you have a Facebook page and their website you can earn money from Facebook Facebook legally case you very well for posting on Facebook so let’s talk about that are.How to use Facebook instant Articles in WordPress

How to use Facebook instant Articles in WordPress

What is Facebook

Facebook is Very popular important part of our life for the past 5 years and I was like one sixth of the world’s population is now on Facebook so you can imagine how big that Network  is also a every time did you know this like every time we use Facebook we actually give a lot of money to Facebook and if you cant its like every month Facebook and this money using the web the advertisement the put on your profile on anything you post on your newsfeed and thing like that serve as a big money is everything

You already know that but not very long ago like is not like 2 years already lighting is likely 1 years service which enables Facebook users to earn money using Facebook by posting things on Facebook so yes you had me right you can legitimately earn money by posting on Facebook but is not like all the users can do it actually every user can do it if they have a Facebook page ciliti have a Facebook page already send money through our posting any website article on link on your page but there are some 13 conditions and I will get back with them in a bit I will show you what is that

How to setup Facebook instant articles for wp

So today we’re going to talk about something very interesting and this is about Facebook instant articles so a few days back Facebook has made a instant articles available for all the publishers and today I am going to show you how to integrate that with your blog or you can integrate it with any website

if you are even if you don’t have wordpress if you’re using any the platform you can do that this guide especially for wordpress so you can start calling this make sure that I’ll be little slow so that should be able to follow each and every I will suggest pausing the video wherever you are stuck completely the process complete the step then come back then start playing the video and complete the whole process for this won’t take more than 10 to 15 min and if you do this I am very sure you will see a lot of traffic coming to your blog from the page

if you need any further details then mention in comments section below.

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