CTD Corporals NTS 2020 Model Papers Syllabus Pattern Preparation MCQs Online

CTD Corporals NTS 2020 Model Papers Syllabus Pattern Preparation MCQs Online here at for all candidates to prepare easily through latest test’s, papers, sample papers official. NTS Corporal Test MCQs Computer Skills, IQ Psychological Analytical Reasoning, English, Urdu Comprehension, Current Affairs, General Science test etc. All latest papers and top MCQs Sample Test Papers for Counter Terrorism Department NTS, PTS, BTS, OTS, PPSC, FPSC jobs available now.

Written Test Syllabus Marks Pattern

  • Computer Skills 15%
  • IQ and Analytical Reasoning 30%
  • English Comprehension 20%
  • Urdu Comprehension 10%
  • Current Affairs 10%
  • General Science 15%

Corporals Jobs in Counter Terrorism Department Punjab NTS Test Syllabus

Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), Government of Punjab (Screening Test) (For the post of Corporals (BS-09)

Recruitment to 322 (including 5% posts reserved for minorities & 5% posts reserved for women) permanent posts of “Corporals (BS-09)” in Counter Terrorism Department Punjab.

  • Minimum Qualifications:
    Qualification:-Bachelor’s degree from a HEC recognized institution.
  • Age:-18-25 (on the last date of submission of application)
    Physical Standards:-i.  Height 5’-7” (for males)
    ii.  Height 5’-2” (for females)
    iii.  Chest 33”-34.5” (for males)
    iv.  Average weight according to age & height
    v.  Physically fit
  • Minimum physical fitness:
    i.  One mile running (in 8 minutes for male)
    ii.  One mile running (in 14 minutes for female)
    iii.  Chin up = 03 (only for male)
    iv.  Push up = 20 in 90 seconds (only for male)
    v.  Sit up = 20 in 90 seconds (only for male)
  • Eyesight standards:
    i.  Distance eyesight = 6/6 (with glasses)
    ii.  Close eyesight = Normal
  • Place of posting:
    Anywhere in Punjab
  • Pay package:
    Usual pay & allowance as admissible to the employees of BS-09 in Punjab Police
    + Rs. 54,500/- Counter Terrorism Allowance.
  • Application Form Fee:
    No fee shall be charged from the applicants.

GAT, Educators,NAT

CTD Corporals NTS 2020 Model Papers Syllabus Pattern Preparation MCQs Online

Corporal MCQs All Sample Papers for CTD Jobs
Computer Skill & Internet Skill MCQs Sample Test Papers
IQ and Analytical Reasoning / Psychological  Test MCQs
English Comprehensions MCQs Sample Test Papers
Urdu Comprehensions / Islamic Studies MCQs Sample Test Papers
Current Affairs / Pakistan Affairs MCQs Sample Test Papers
General Science / Everyday Science MCQs Sample Test Papers
General Knowledge MCQs Sample Test Papers

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CTD Punjab NTS Corporal Jobs 2020 General Knowledge MCQs Sample Papers:

  • Chalgoza Forest in Ziarat ___
  • Polio in Peshawar_________
  • Kiwi bird ____Newzeland
  • Maradid is capital of Spain
  • French Revolution _______ Niplon
  • Fesh lake superior
  • Dr Manzoor AhmeD killed PIMS _________head of cardiology
  • Body temperature 37 degrees Celsius
  • Moon light in earth in seconds_______ 1.3 light-seconds
  • Longest caliphate period, Hazrat Usman Razi Allah ho Tala Anha
  • Current chief minister Shahbaz shrif
  • 3rd GOVERNOR GENERAL Malik Ghulam Muhammad
  • Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace prize
  • India president. Pranab Mukherjee
  • World cup 2020 England
  • OIC Organization of the Islamic Conference
  • ______ permanent members use veto power 5
  • 69 country work together for the purpose ——— extremism
  • L.Lokhs Indian
  • International Year of Soils 2015
  • Siachin mountain_____ Karakoram
  • Old name is Thailand is same
  • Benazir Airport in Islamabad
  • Ex. Chief of army staff Pakistan Raheel Sharif.
  • Chief of army staff Pakistan Qamar Javed Bajwa

Previous CTD NTS Test included MCQs:

  • Largest seat
  • China wall famous for
  • Name of Afghanistan Parliament
  • Bangladesh is famous for
  • Shahkot is old name of —————-Quetta
  • United Nation is devised
  • Head Quater of Transparency International
  • Atacama Dessert
  • Reason of Non cooperative movement by Ghandi
    (a) High pressure of British Government
    (b) Chora Chari
    (c) Arrest Gandhi
    (d) Round table conference
  • SARRC country1 is miss
    (a) China
    (b) Bot-an
    (c) Afghanistan
    (d) Iran
  • Zarb e Azb ———————North Wazirristan
  • G 20 host country 2015
  • World expo 2020
  • Wikipedia city Monmouth built
  • Conference held in Washington dc 60 countries attended and that’s was 3 days conference ? _______________Violent Extremism
    (a) Social securities
    (b) Lethal weapons
    (c) Economic development
    (d) Violent Extremism
  • 2020 ICC world Cup ___________ England
  • President of India ___________ Pranab Mukherjee
  • International Year of 2015 __________Soils
  • 3rd Word _______ Developing country
  • Sun shine vertically on
    (a) Once
    (b) Two
    (c) 6 month
    (d) whole year
  • Normal tenure of office united nation
  • Khyber pass
  • HIV
  • Economic corridor china and Pakistan 1st Nawaz Shareef in November 2014

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