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Writing articles that readers can easily navigate is a good way to avoid putting them out of reading your site. In the case of the top ten lists, though this will possibly go a long way, as there is actually no incentive for your visitors to read the articles at all about Comments Policy.
I like to talk about leaving comments in because I had a series of interactions with the readers that have let me speculate if we are all on the same page. There are several ways that blog readers view and use blog Comments Policy sections.
Readers love their comments and allow you to give comments, suggestions and discussions about the pg masterg point. However, we do not allow inappropriate content in the comments, in any way. To use our website you must have to follow and understand the comments policy.master logo

  • Keep Comments on Topic :- Comments should be relevant to the topic any comment that appears to be irrelevant to the topic will be edited or deleted.
  • All Rights Reserved:- The site owner, administrator, contributor, editor, and author reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments.
  • All Comments are moderated:- It means that each and every comment is checked by the resource. So anything bad will be caught for sure.
  • Daily Review:- We review it numerous times daily, so please don’t resubmit if your comment doesn’t appear immediately.
  • Comments Language:- Comments language should be English, Urdu Nastaliq Fonts and Roman Urdu without links.
  • Spam Deletion:- We have spam filters which automatically catch the automatic spam comments. But in case if it unable to catch spam and slips then we delete it instantly.
  • Information in Comments is Public:- Avoid to post any private information other than which you want to be accessible publicly. And remember that the emails which you mentioned in comments can be crawled by automatic email spiders, which may result into extreme spam in your email.
  • Disclaimer:- has no responsibility of any harm, due to information posted by visitors in comments area.
  • Trackbacks are Comments:- All trackbacks pingbacks will be treated according to our Comments Policy.
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