How to Clear Intermediate Supply Exams Tips Guide in Urdu

We are providing some important tips for your guideline to preparation of clear Intermediate Supply Exams. Supply in any subject means that you did not work hard in that subject. Many students lose hope after supply in annual examination which is a wrong approach as we should learn from our mistake and every person has to face failures in life and no one is absolute winner in this world.

Every student much worried about this problem in the any stage of study. If you get supply in any exam then analyze your weaknesses and make workable short term and long term plan to remove your weaknesses.

How to Clear Intermediate Supply Exams Tips Guide in Urdu

How to Clear Supply In Inter Exams:

  1. After the supply submits your admission forms immediately so that you may get enough time for preparation.
  2. Try to work hard and give full attention on the study.
  3. Make a proper time table. Divide the question on the remaining day and decide how many question you should prepare daily. But you should leave at least 6 to 7 days before the exam for revision.
  4. Do not study all the day take proper rest
  5. Do not waste your time in watching TV and other activities.
  6. Do not wait for date sheet and start your preparation immediately.
  7. Student are given just about 40 days for preparation of supplementary exam.
  8. Slow learner should follow the SQ3R method or they should write the each question twice.
  9. Make the list of important question with the help of past papers and prepare these question first.
  10. In spite of memorizing every question try to understand the main theme and concepts of question and write the answers in your own words.
  11. Do not thing even for a moment that you can hear the supply in such a short time period.
  12. Recall your mistake in the annual exams and try to correct them first.
  13. Revise the difficult question maximum time.
  14. Science students should not waste their time on practicals till the written paper.
  15. Select any place where nobody disturbed on study time.
  16. Switch off you cell phone on study time.
  17. Most important question lean and write again and aging.
  18. Complete the work daily basis did not leave the work on next day.
  19. Always review your study.
  20. Believe on Allah and pray for success.

All of these tips about pass/clear your supply exams arrange after examine it, if you have any better idea about this then please write us in comments section below.

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