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In a recent international report Pakistan failure to outlaw child marriage sparks outcry. We provide Child marriage in Pakistan laws effects statistics and special how to stop this situation your self here at. Every year child brides in Pakistan becomes due to any violation and failure of laws.

It is painful to see that child marriage is one of the major problem in Pakistan which is being practiced and is ongoing in the rural areas in the country.  Moreover, According to a UN report published in 2014 that one in every five girls in South Asia is married off before her 15th birthday. As far as Pakistan is concerned, approximately 29pc of girls in rural and 16pc in the urban areas which are reportedly married off before they were 18 and also over 70pc of births in the country are not registered as well.

The cases of child marriage are increasing day by day and multiple children’s health and education is being destroyed in entire Pakistan. But unfortunately, despite such moves, Pakistan’s government seems to be failing in its attempt to address the problem which has been affecting the precious education and health of the small girls in the country.

So, I humbly request the government of Pakistan to take steps to eradicate the issue of child marriage in order to save their health and education so that they must not face any difficulties in their lives. And the parents must take care of their children, so that that they must not marry them in early age.

One of the major issues in Pakistan is one of child marriage. child marriage statistics in Pakistan According to the survey at least 708 girls and boys were forced into early marriages in Pakistan. It is estimated that 21% of girls in Pakistan are married before the age of 18. Child marriage in Pakistan is connected with tradition, culture, or customary practices. It sometimes involve the transfer of money, settlement of debts or exchange of daughters (Vani / Swara or Watta Satta) sanctioned by a Jirga or Panchayat (council of elders from the community).In the year of 2012, as many as 276 innocent boys and girls were tortured through this early marriage tradition.

Child Marriage in Pakistan Laws Effects Statistics Legal Age and Report Article Help LineChild Marriage in Pakistan Laws Effects Legal Age:

Islam has given the rights to girls and insists on the importance of their consent. In spite of that, they are married off at the early age of seven where their innocent minds cannot even comprehend the sanctity of this bond. It is a heinous crime when in Pakistan girls are married to older men. effects of child marriage in Pakistan Apart from the legal injustice done to the girls, this issue is the cause of several health threats for young women as well.

One maternal death case occurs after every 18 minutes in the country. In such cases, mostly pregnant women are incapable of tolerating the pressure in their birth canals; in fact their reproductive organs are not developed well enough to deliver a baby normally and hence it becomes the cause of their death.In most cases early marriages takes place due to poverty and illiteracy. These factors compel hundreds of families to marry off the girls once the affordability of feeding and clothing them becomes a burden.It is accepted worldwide and the law clearly explains that 18 years of age is the legal age for marriage.

Child marriage is a human rights violation. Despite laws against it, the practice remains widespread, in part because of persistent poverty and gender inequality. In developing countries, one in every three girls is married before reaching age 18. One in nine is married under age 15.

In Pakistan, they dont pay heed to this law. The police need to arrest and investigate such cases. Increasing punishment for such criminal activity would discourage this practice. Early marriages should be strictly forbidden considering also that Pakistan has the highest rate of population.The government should ensure the implementation of the underage marriage law to end this brutality and should take some measures to curb this trend and launch a campaign to discourage child marriages in rural areas.

A move to ban child marriages in Pakistan has been withdrawn after meeting staunch resistance from a religious body, which branded the bill as “anti-Islamic”.

The ruling party politician who introduced the bill, Marvi Menon of the Pakistan Muslim League party, withdrew it after the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) dubbed the bill “blasphemous”.

The CII unanimously rejected the proposed Child Marriage Restraint (Amendment) Bill 2014 on “purely religious grounds”, there is also mention legal age of marriage in Pakistan reports The Express Tribune.

CII Chairman Mohammad Khan Sheerani said the bill contradicted Islamic teachings.

He said: “Parliament cannot create legislation that is against the teachings of the Holy Quran or Sunnah.”

The proposed legislation recommended giving out harsher punishments to those entering a marriage with a minor, as well as raising the minimum age of marriage for women to 18-years-old.

The current minimum age for marriage is 16-years-old for women, and 18-years-old for men.

This law, stipulated in the Child Marriage Restriction Act of 1929, has been ruled by the CII as non-compliant with Islamic laws.

In May 2014, the council reiterated its earlier ruling that girls as young as nine-years-old were eligible for marriage if “the signs of puberty are visible”.

The ongoing practice of child marriage is a harsh reality of many rural areas in Pakistan. Not only is it adversely affecting the education of these young brides, this barbaric custom is also taking a toll on their lives. Child marriage is a very rampant practice in Pakistan, often validated by misquoted traditions and misinterpreted divine injunctions.

Early Child Marriage in Pakistan Effects Causes:Early Child Marriage in Pakistan Effects Statistics Causes

Legal Age for Early Marriage in Pakistan:

In recent act and laws of Pakistan child early marriage age is more then 16 years.

Nevertheless, the brutality to overburden a nine-year-old with the tiresome responsibility of her own descendants, can never be justified. It rips off her innocence, her childhood, and threatens not one but, two human lives. According to a UN report published in 2014, one in every five South Asian girls is married before she reaches the age of 15.

Child Marriage in Pakistan, How to Stop?

If you think there is something wrong about early marriage law at any place then its your duty to inform your nearest Police Station about this.

Such alarming statistics should be paid heed to by our government. I request the government of Pakistan to strive against this inhumanity so that scores of girl brides can be saved from the clutches of this gruesome practice.

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