Check NADRA Family Verification Service through SMS

Check NADRA Family Verification Service through SMS, NADRA introduces an SMS service to check CNIC Family Tree. NADRA introduces an SMS service which allows any CNIC holder to check his family members verification through a simple text message.

National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has the honor of transforming the paper based ID management to a state of the art identity with back end data input and reporting. From paper to computerized cards and finally chip based cards with advance security features, NADRA strives to cover maximum population of Pakistan and Pakistanis residing outside of the country. The issuance is streamlined with a series of scrutiny processes including biometrics and verification. Certificates like Family Registration, Child registration and death certificates can be issued based on this data base. NADRA has introduced an SMS service for family members verification to allow any registered CNIC holder to check their family tree through a simple text.

Verify your Family Tree

If you want to check the family tree your CNIC has been registered with or your place in it, simply send a text message to 8008 along with the CNIC number(with/without dashes). You’ll soon receive a reply with all the registered names of the family.

NADRA has introduced the SMS based tracking and verification for most of the projects. This facilitates the beneficiaries in checking their eligibility for each program without having to reach the centers. A few of the facilities are as follows:

  • 8500 – Prime Minister National Health Program
  • 7000 – SMS based citizen verification
  • 8400 – Tracking identity applications
  • 9888 – Flood Beneficiaries verification, Watan Card
  • 9777 – Pakistan Card
  • 8300 – Election System Verification

Check NADRA Family Verification Service through SMS

Check NADRA Family Verification Service through SMS

What if someone you don’t know is registered with your family?

If you are satisfied with the list of the registered names, simply reply with “2”. However, if someone you don’t know is included in the list of registered names, you should alert NADRA by replying with “1”.

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced this service to find out any individuals who have been illegally registered. Any such illegally registered persons who are not in your family, yet are included in the registered names, should be reported to the authorities by replying with “1”, as instructed above.

The service will automatically send the list of names registered with the family to the family heads. But with this service, anyone can check the family trees. You can also re-verify the head of the family once the re-verification drive starts officially from July 1.

Just last week, the interior minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, put into action the plan for the re-verification of CNICs. A major step to counter terrorism, NADRA has also established a helpline that can handle 10,000 calls per day, and a SMS gateway to issue 150,000 SMS per day.

How to Verify NDRA CNIC Numbers Via SMS?

To verify the CNIC numbers via SMS is very easy you just need to write the CNIC number and send it to 8008 in order to verify the authentication.

Once you send sms to NADRA in reply you get the complete details of the family members of your family.

If a person not from your family register under your family tree you can inform NADRA by replying with 1 else reply with 2 if there is any mistake.

SMS charges:

It’s really a useful and cost effective service that you can avail in just Rs.10 PKR.

So readers what are you waiting for hurry up and avail the benefits of NADRA Citizen Reverification Service by simply dialing a code 8008 to get rid of fake CNIC numbers easily.

It’s a great initiative by NADRA and PTA to facilitate the people and help them in getting rid the fake CNIC numbers. In order to verify any CNIC number you need just to send the CNIC number on a single code. After the sms you will receive the complete details against the CNIC number.

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