BISP CNIC Tracking Management Information System Online

Bisp-Income Support Programme Tracking and CNIC Management, check BISP CNIC Tracking Management Information System Online here at from. BISP is a Programme Launched in July 2008 By Pakistan Peoples Party. The Purpose of This Programme was to facilitate the Poor people of Pakistan and to reduce the Poverty rate in Pakistan, this step was taken by PPP when they were in govt.

BISP Programme is still running in the Country with the Name of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. AFter PPP Govt of Pakistan Muslim League Continued this Programme.

Chair Person

When Programme Started in July 2008 By Former Prime Minister of Pakistan People Party, Farzana Raja EX Federal Miniteser was the Chairperson of Benazir Income Support Programme. The actual purpose of this programme was to empower the household women who are living below the Poverty ratio.

After Pakistan People Party Govt, in 2013 Pakistan Mulsim League appointed Maryam Nawaz as a Chairperson of Benazir Income Support. Later Lahore High Court asked Federal Govt to remove Maryam Nawaz from the Chairperson designation.

After The Decision, Marvi Memon who was the Member of National Assembly Joined PML-N and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif appointed her as a Chairperson of this Programme. Now Marvi Memon is serving as a Chair person of the Programme.BISP CNIC Tracking Management Information System Online

BISP CNIC Tracking Management Information System Online

Increase in Budget

The programme Provides Social Safet to poorest people of the country, the mission of this programme was to empower the women and they achieved this goal in 2 years. The Budget increases in 2 Years from 75 Billion to 112 Billions Rs. The quarterly stipend increased from 3,000 to 47,00 in 2015 to 16. BISP income support providing income support cash transfer to 5.3 million families quarterly.

Empowering the Women

BISP Income Support Programme aim is to empowering women by sending Payment to their account by acquiring their CNIC, to make this process transparent, beneficiaries can support their children, their education and health.

Biometric System to be introduced

Marivi Memon Chairperson of Benazir Income Support Programme has said that govt decided to introduced bio-metric system to make Benazir income support programme transparent. She said that this step is taken by govt because there are many complaints of Corruption. Many Post Offices were giving 2,000 only out of 45,00. Govt wanted to make this Programme more transparent. This system will helpful for poor in future. Govt knows that this system is not 100% Transparent but they are trying their best to make this more transparent and trying to stop corruption.

How BISP Tracking System Works?

There is not such an active BISP Tracking system of Payment or CNIC there on the website, but there is way to contact with responsible personnel, their contact numbers and Benazir income office detail is written on their website

New Bio metric Bisp Payment Method introduced.

Benazir Income Support Programme officials decided to change the method of Payment from ATM cards to Biometric system with this system beneficiary can get their Payments by verifying thumb impression. They started this mod in few districts official said that in 2018 this process will complete. Biometric system will be beneficial for card holders. They get rid of the problems they are facing like forgot pin or Loss of ATM card and again process of the card issuance so they decide to make it clean and easier way to deliver money to beneficiaries.

Important Notice

Many fraud people calling and messaging people that you received cash from Benazir income support programme and in return send us money via easy load. Kindly do not send money to these fraud people they are making a fool, just contact Benazir income support office directly, contact numbers are given below.


If you have any complaint regarding Benazir Programme kindly Click To Contact form and Submit your request and write down given details.

  • Complainant Name
  • Citizen Number
  • Form Number
  • Phone Number
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  • E-Mail
  • Division
  • District
  • Tehsil
  • Complaint Detail

Complaints related to Pakistan Post may be recorded as follows

Mr. S. Ali Zamin Naqvi (Assistant Director)
Incharge Hotline Complaint Cell Complaint Cell
Directorate General Pakistan Post, G-8/4, Islamabad.
Tel: 051-9261618, 051-9260037
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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