Best Career for Girls In Pakistan 2019

Best Career for Girls In Pakistan 2019 concept guide step by step procedure. Looking for Best Career for Girls in Pakistan as Pakistan still being included amongst those countries where the career growth and opportunity for females are very limited and in the society of Pakistan there are so many career opportunities where the females can attain growth are not allowed and permitted to adopt, which is a very negative and conservative trait being in the 21st century.

Contrary to this, with the growing industry and awareness of importance of education, now the ratio of females compare to males are increasing to get in to the educational fields and opting them as a profession. Best Career for Girls In Pakistan

Best Career for Girls In Pakistan 2019

Some Valuable Highest paying Careers:

  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Writing / Author / Digital writing
  • Creative pursuits
  • Training
  • Human Resources
  • Interpreter
  • Advertising / PR
  • Food technology
  • Agriculture Science
  • Medicine
  • Social Work
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Administrative and Government Services

Therefore, there are many career and job opportunities for girls among-st which few of them are being discussed below.


A very typical and traditional field and career line for the females is opting for the medical and dentistry field which includes MBBS, BDS, Medicine and nursing. This is a very traditional career for the girls and is highly appreciated in the society like of Pakistan where the families do emphasize to send their daughters and females to medical institutions so that they can join this career line in their future which is highly respectable and highly paid profession, even in the country like Pakistan where the economic condition are not very much stable.

 One of the best option in our environment Respectable, easy timings Great opportunities Caring Behavior of girls make them excellent teachers Best thing, any field, any subject especially in

  • Mathematics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Statics, Economics, English, Islamic studies, Social studies, Pak studies, Arabic, Applied Psychology, Geography, History and many more subjects.


Girls are creative, aesthetic by nature, They value beauty and outlook, take good care of small things that matter the most Courses in fashion designing include BFA, B-Design, bachelor in fashion designing and textile designing, fashion marketing etc.

More Details for Preparation!


One of the fastest growing sectors in Pakistan is the telecommunication sector which is growing day by day and is providing the career growth and mouthwatering opportunities to every competent candidate irrespective of gender. Girls in Pakistan prefer the telecommunication field as their prime objective and priority where they can have the best possible national as well international exposure due to the various international telecommunication companies investing in this sector in Pakistan.


They can do mechanical engineering, chemical engineering ans also civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering from UET, NUST and also from FAST and GIKI. It is seen that these days girls are not only opting the medical line but they are also equally prominent in the engineering line too.

Law Field:

These days we have seen too that girls are getting law degrees because they too have this desire now to become eligible and professional lawyers.

Computer Field:

You can get a degree like BS, BCS and BSC in computer science and can work in the fields like web and graphic designing and also in the fields of web site development, data base administration. Girls are very much sharp and active in data processing and software making. They can surely opt for this course and can make a successful career ahead.

Fashion Designing:

They can do BFA and also bachelor in fashion marketing, textile designing and also fashion designing from Beacon House University and Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing. Apart from this fashion designing, they can also make their way in the interior designing field. Now, we can say that girls can be seen in all the reputable professions, starting from the engineering field to the medical field, from the fashion designing field to the teaching field, they are perfect and carrying their job in an utmost best way and manner.

Girls can choose this field and earn a lot of money. You can become makeup artist, Hair stylist and can open your own parlor. You can take practical training from different vocational institutes and different beauty parlor offer professional courses to girls.


There are many opportunities for girls to become a chef. You can be trained in chef courses. There are many renowned institute offering professional chef courses in Pakistan. You can start your career as a chef.

Air Hostess & Pilot:

This is also a good profession for girls. You can get professional training form aviation institutes in Pakistan. This career can be chosen after intermediate.

Human Resource Management:

The newly emerging field in business industry is considered to be a female dominating field. The reason behind this is that managing the people requires the skills and abilities that are possessed by females, some of them are patience, tolerance, soft hearted, ability to listen the employees emphatically and dealing with them with great patience and sensitivity.

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