Alif Ailaan Pakistan District Education Rankings 2020

Alif Ailaan Pakistan District Education Rankings 2020. This year’s annual district rankings report is the  fifth edition of an exercise that ranks districts across Pakistan based on a range of education  indicators. The rankings were introduced as a means to initiate and sustain conversations around a range of key education input and  output level indicators. To adequately capture the range of issues concerning the education sector in the country, each of the last four  editions of the rankings included two sets of indices based on which districts were ranked.

These were: the infrastructure score and the  education score. The infrastructure score was devised to cover  input level indicators concerning the provision of basic facilities in government schools.  On the other hand, the education score was  meant to cover indicators like enrollment, retention, literacy, gender parity and learning outcomes. For infrastructure score indicators, we relied on National Education Management  Information System (NEMIS) data that is shared  by the Academy of Education Planning and Management (AEPAM). For the education score, we relied on Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) data from the Federal Bureau of Statistics, and the Annual  Status of Education Report (ASER), as well as  NEMIS.

Unfortunately, as a result of the discontinuation of PSLM and in the absence of any other equally  relevant official source for enrollment rates data at the district level, we could not include enrollment scores for this year’s edition of the  rankings. Instead, we have used data from NEMIS and ASER to construct an education score based on retention, gender parity and learning outcomes. Acknowledging the gap created by the absence of PSLM and hence the education score for this  year, we have tried to go deeper into the analysis of infrastructure scores. Using the benefit of now  having a repository of district infrastructure scores for the last five years, we have analyses provincial  trends in provisions of facilities for schools over  this time.

We have also identified top districts from  each province that have displayed the greatest improvement in infrastructure scores over the  last five years and examined the trends at play. Importantly, we have not compared education  index scores from previous years with this year  because of the change in methodology for that  index. We hope that this report supports and  strengthens the call for robust data regimes  that enable the governments as well as non- governmental organisations to inform evidence  driven policies.Alif Ailaan Pakistan District Education Rankings 2018

Alif Ailaan Pakistan District Education Rankings 2020

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) ranks first among eight Pakistani territories with respect to the provision of quality education, according to the Pakistan District Education Rankings 2017 released by Alif Ailaan, an education campaign, on Thursday.

AJK is followed by Islamabad Capital Territory, Punjab and Gilgit-Baltistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) ranks fifth on the list. Sindh and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) have fallen to seventh and eighth positions, respectively, as Balochistan jumped two places from last year’s rankings to sixth position.

Pakistan District Education Ranking 2020

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