PM ICT Internship Program 2017 Registration Online Apply Last Date Eligibility Criteria Form Download

Prime Minister’s National ICT Internship Program 2017 announced officially. Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) in collaboration with the National ICT R&D Fund is launching ‘Prime Minister’s ICT Internship Program’ this year.

ICT organizations from public & private sector will submit their application for the interns through on-line portal at or through postal mail addressed to Director Projects, PSEB, 2nd Floor, Evacuee Trust Complex Building, F-5/1, Agha Khan Road, Islamabad, Pakistan. Once the selection process of the companies is finalized, the selected ICT organizations from public & private sector will be given access to the database of the students for selection of interns as per their demands.

Through this program, PSEB will deploy 3,000 ICT graduates who have graduated in 2013 or later in ICT companies and IT departments of public & private sector organizations for a period of six months. 30% seats have been reserved for female ICT graduates. Interns will be selected by companies themselves and stipend will be paid by PSEB to interns.

PM ICT Internship Program Registration Online Apply Last Date Eligibility Criteria Form DownloadPM ICT Internship Program 2017 Registration Online Apply Last Date Eligibility Criteria Form Download

By signing below you will be certifying that statements you have made in this application are correct to the best of your knowledge and belief; and that you agree that you meet the eligibility criteria for the internship program. Submission of incorrect information may lead to strict legal action and debarring you from future internship under National ICT Internship program.

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Last Date:

Deadline for apply of ICT Internship Program is 30th December 2016.

How to Apply:-

Applications are invited from the ICT graduates of 2013 or later fulfilling the above criteria. The preferred option for candidates is to apply online through website.which will facilitate prompt processing of their applications.

However, candidates having no computer access at all can apply through hard copy by postal mail. Closing date for receipt of applications for the first batch of this program is 30th December, 2016.

PSEB will share the database of all eligible graduates with software houses, call centers, telcos, hospitals, banks and IT departments of public and private sector organizations for interviews and selection.

Placement of first batch of interns is expected by January, 2017.

List of Degrees/Fields:

Bachelors degree in ICT discipline (BCS, BE (Computer Information System), BE (Electronics), BS (Computer System Engineering), BS (Data processing), BS (Electronics), BS (Graphics), BS-IT, BS (Multimedia), BS (Networking and Information System), BS (Signal processing), BS (Software Engineering) BS (Telecom), MBA (IT), MBA (MIS), MCS, MS (Computer Science) MS (Information Security), MS (IT), MS (Networking), MS (Software Engineering), PGD & others.

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