Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Career Introducation History Functions

Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Career Introducation History Functions. DE&SE is the principal officer of the Elementary and Secondary Education department in the Province. He/She is responsible to the Secretary, Elementary and Secondary Education Department and Minister for Education for all activities pertaining to the Primary & Secondary Education sub sector.  He/She plans, manages and organizes all the activities in the province. His/her authority extend to all District Offices of Education, to all Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, Comprehensive High Schools and such like other institutions through out the Province.

He will be responsible for the effective delegation of responsibilities so that all the District Offices, and the subordinate officers in the Directorate carry out administrative duties and supervisory duties. He/She pays attention to only the essential tasks and paper work in light of the delegated powers, and spends most of his/her time for the professional guidance of his subordinates. He/She is responsible for the efficient running of his/her office. He/She will be responsible for implementation of the policies given to him by the Education Minister and the Department of Schools & Literacy.

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  • The Elementary and Secondary Education Department is one of the largest Public Sector departments in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • There are 1,74364 employees (excluding FATA), which is 55.5% of the total provincial government employee strength of 300849.
  • The total budget of the ESED is 30.63% of the total provincial budget and 92.75% of the total education budget.

. The Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is  functioning under the E&SED and is the provincial arm of the ESED responsible for implementation of government policies on education under the instructions and guidelines issued by the ESED.

•The Director E&SE, a senior (BS-20) officer, is in-charge of the directorate overall and is assisted by two BS-19 Additional Directors, 1 for Establishment and 1 for Development and Planning, who in turn are aided in their day to day responsibilities by a staff of 109.

• The Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education is responsible for service matters pertaining to the 114,364 schoolteachers such as recruiting, postings, promotions, retirement, disciplinary matters, and Pension coordination with all the school staff of the districts, monitoring and reporting etc.


  • The Directorate was established in 1903 in the British era at that time it was called Inspectorate and was headed by Inspector General of Education. Dr. M.A. Stein MA, Ph.D (1903-1905) was the first Inspector General of Education.
  •  In 1911 it was re-designated as Director Public Instructions.
  • In 1955 it was re-designated as Director of Education Peshawar Region West Pakistan.
  • The department was re-organized in 1979 and the post was designated as Director of Education (Schools).
  • The directorate was bifurcated in to two Directorate I.e Directorate of Secondary Education & Directorate of Primary Education for good Governance in 1990. After devolution Directorate of Primary Education was merged with Directorate of Secondary Education and renamed as Directorate of Schools and Literacy.
  •  In 2007 once again the Directorate was re-named as Directorate of Elementary and secondary  Education.


  • Planning & Development, within the framework of provincial and National guidelines Policies/targets.
  • Implementation of policies, strategies and regulations of Elementary and Secondary Education department.
  • Preparation of Annual Developmental Program (ADP) for Elementary and Secondary Education department.
  • Processing of developmental projects.
  •  Scrutinization of, the PC-1 and PC-IV received from the districts and are at directorate level,
  • Assist the department in Implementation, and monitoring and review of developmental projects and schemes.
  • Promotion of community participation for educational Development improvement.
  • Improvement of quality/standard at Primary and secondary education level.
  • Assist the department in Financial Management (Recurring/non-recurring Budgets) and auditing of the Provincial Level releases to Elementary and Secondary Education Department including PAC/DAC.
  • Preparation of budget: its distribution, utilization, and audit. (Financial Management)
  • The over all reconciliation of funds allocated to the department is also responsibility of the directorate
  • Organizing and promoting Educational sports including Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.
  • Performance evaluation reports of Provincial cadre Officers (ACRs).
  • Postings/transfers of Teaching and Ministerial Staff.
  • Submission proposals for Inter District posting/transfers of Officers of Provincial cadre (BPS-17 and above) in Schools.
  • Processing the cases of Promotion for B-17and above for approval of the competent forum.
  • Processing the seniority list of B-16 and above
  • Processing the cases of short and long-term foreign visits/training and award of Scholarships for approval of the competent forum.
  • Processing of Selection grade, Move-over, Pension, GP fund final payment and Promotion cases for approval of the competent forum at Provincial Level in accordance with the existing approved Policy.
  • Monitoring and supervision of all Educational Institutions.
  • Staff Development Activities.
  • Court Cases.
  • It is also the responsibility to deal with the Governor directive, CM directives and Assembly business.
  • Any other task assigned by the government

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