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Central Superior Services (CSS) in Pakistan is an elite permanent bureaucratic authority, and the civil service that is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan.

CSS stands for Central Superior Services. CSS is a super authority which is responsible for  running secretariats , Bureaucracy related civilian operations and Cabinet of Pakistan. The 7.5 % candidates are selected on merit while others 92.5 % candidates are selected on quota system.

CSS Examinations are organized and held in every February. The CSS is conducted under the supervision of Federal Public Service Commission. Every selected candidate is granted by at least BPS-17 Scale.  The CSS reforms are under consideration, according to new reforms age limit will be 30 years instead of 28 years and qualification will be increase from 14 years to 16 years according to CSS test age limit and latest news about the applications will be invited from 1st October to 31st October and Examinations will be held in February 2017.

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CSS Examination in Pakistan Complete Info:

CSS Subjects :-
CSS Exams is consists of 1200 Marks. These 1200 Marks are further divided into 12 different subjects. There are six compulsory subjects in this examination , while other six subjects are optional.which can be chosen according to your own will. List of compulsory and optional subjects of CSS examination is following :-
  • Compulsory Subjects
    1-  Essay =100
    2- English (Precis & Compositor)  =100
    3- Islamic studies  =100
    4- General Science & Ability  =100
    5- Current Affairs  =100
    6- Pakistan Affairs  =100
    Total Marks  :  600
    Note : Non Muslims can choose ” Comparative Study of Major Religions ” as a subject in lieu of Islamic Studies.
Optional Subjects:
You have to choose six optional subjects and you have to complete 600 Marks from optional Subjects section as per rules mentioned in each group.
  • Group A
    You can chose one subject of 200 Marks only from Group A Only .
    1-Accounting & Auditing  =200
    2-Economics  =200
    3-Computer Science =200
    4-Political science = 200
    5-International Relations =200
  • Group B
    You can choose one subject of 200 Marks or Two subjects of 100 marks in combination from
    1- Physics  =200
    2- Chemistry  =200
    3- Applied Mathematics
    4- Pure Mathematics
    5- Statistics
    6- Geology
  • Group C
    You can select only one subject of 100 Marks from this group.
    1- Business Administration =100
    2- Public Administration =100
    3- Governance and Public Policies =100
    4- Town Planning and Urban-Management =100
  • Group D
    You can select only one subject of 100 Marks from this group.
    1- Islamic History & Culture  =100
    2- Indo Pak History =100
    3- British History =100
    4- European History =100
    5- History of the USA =100
  • Group E
    You can select only one subject of 100 Marks from this group.
    1- Law  =100
    2- Constitutional Law  =100
    3- Mercantile Law  =100
    4- Muslim Law & Jurisprudence  =100
    5- International Law =100
    6- Criminology = 100
    7- Philosophy =100
  • Group F
    You can select only one subject of 100 Marks from this group.
    1- Gender Studies =100
    2- Environmental Sciences =100
    3- Agriculture & Forestry =100
    4- Botany =100
    5- Zoology =100
    6- English Literature =100
    7- Urdu Literature =100
  • Group G
    You can select only one subject of 100 Marks from this group.
    1-   Journalism & Communication.
    2-   Psychology.
    3-   Geography.
    4-   Sociology.
    5-   Anthropology.
    6-   Punjabi.
    7.   Sindhi
    8.   Pushto.
    9.   Balochi.
    10. PersianDetailed Syllabus and list of compulsory subjects for CSS-2017 will we available on FPSC Website.

  • Exams :-
    Federal Public Service Commission will start CSS Exams from 16th February 2017. This exam will be taken for the recruitment of BPS-17 in different  groups/services.
    Last Date to measure the eligibility of candidates  on the basis of their age , education , domicile etc is 31-12-2016. 
  • Qualification :
    Male & Females including paralyzed Candidates having Bachelor’s Degree with at least 2nd Division. 
  • Notification of Age Limit 2016-17 :
    The increase in CSS exams age limit up to 30 years was a hot issue since many months . Previously age limit for CSS exams was 22 To 28 Years & Qualification required for this test was graduation. But this government has approved new age limit 21 To 30 Years for fresh candidates & 21 To 32 Years for old graduates. Till their is no notification announced for increase in qualification for CSS test.

The applications forms for CSS-2017 will be invited in the last of September 2016. The age limit will be considered according to 31 December 2016.

If you need any further information about CSS exams in Pakistan test then mention below in comments section below.

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